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The Age of Link “Earning”: Why Link Building Doesn’t Matter Anymore


Are you aggressively implementing a link building strategy in which you employ blog commenting, forum posting, online directories, and guest posting as tactics?

If so, then I suggest you throw your strategy out the window. It’s not going to work. I’m serious.

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12 Overlooked (Yet Powerful) Link Building Strategies

If you’ve been in the SEO game for a while you’ve probably heard of (and maybe even tried) “the usual suspects” of link building strategies, like guest blogging, press releases, web directory submissions and infographics.
link building strategies
While there’s nothing wrong with these bread-and-butter techniques (after all, they’re popular for a reason!), it definitely pays to mix things up. With Google releasing major updates on a regular basis, you don’t want to be left in the cold if your favorite link building strategy becomes ineffective overnight.

Here are 12 link building strategies that you can use to add some diversity to your SEO campaign. Read More

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Link Building: Trust, Relevance, and Diversity

bloggingproIt’s no secret that link building is one of the most popular methods for small businesses looking to improve their online rankings.  For this reason, there have been tons of companies, experts, and new tools surfacing to try and help companies build a link portfolio and earn quality backlinks. Unfortunately, this also means that there are many SEO agencies and articles out there trying to cut corners and offer poor link building advice (which is easy to do when working in such a changing industry like SEO). The moral of the story: It’s important that small businesses understand what makes a great link portfolio in the eyes of Google.

Characteristics of a Great Link Building Campaign

What many are beginning to realize is that earning a backlink from a great website isn’t always going to be enough. This backlink has to be something readers can trust, it has to be relevant, and you have to have a variety of links. These are essentially the three things needed to move from a good link profile to a great link profile. Read More

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Local SEO: Links vs. Citations

Local SEO


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As the search engine optimization (SEO) world continues to grow and develop, it has diverged into two main strategies: national SEO and local SEO. Depending on your business, one strategy may be more applicable and effective than the other. As a small business you should focus primarily on local SEO (although some national SEO practices can be applicable) to increase the visibility of your business online. The key to implementing a successful local SEO strategy is acquiring both links and citations for your company. Read More

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Link Removal Requests: How to Respond

Chain LinksOver the past year or so, Google has been clamping down on what it considers bad links and bad linking practices. This includes a wide variety of link building activities that Google considers unnatural. This includes some forms of article marketing, comment spamming, etc.

This has led to a large number of webmasters, including many who didn’t feel they were doing anything wrong, to take severe penalties in Google that hurt their traffic and their bottom line. Many webmasters first learn about these penalties from Google Webmaster Tools and its alerts, while others simply see a drop in traffic and go hunting for an explanation.

But regardless of how it is discovered, once a webmaster learns that they’ve been hit, there’s usually a sense of panic and a rather large mess to clean up. Most of the sites bit by Google penalties have hundreds, if not thousands of questionable links. Removing them to get back into Google’s good graces can be a daunting challenge.

However, it’s not just a challenge and a problem for the people who have their site hit by the penalties, it’s also a problem for the sites where those links appear. Those include many legitimate sites who either were the victims of comment spam or hosted guest posts unaware that the author was engaging in dubious behavior.

Many of those webmasters, myself included, have been getting an increasingly large number of link removal requests and are wondering what to do about them.

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t 100% clear and it depends heavily on you, your site and the situation that you’re in. Read More

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The Significance of Anchor Text in Link Building

Anchor text in link building
Link building is a practice that is prevalent in the world of search engine optimization (SEO). This is because link building is one of the most effective white hat SEO strategies around. While this activity has been devalued by some practices, correctly used, link building has a place in this day and age. There are many different aspects to a successful link building campaign, and one of the most important aspects is utilizing the correct anchor text. Read More

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Does Link Building Still Matter in 2013?

Link Building 2013

Link building is definitely one of the most popular activities in search engine optimization, and as is usually the case, it didn’t take Google long to catch on to tactics that it considered unworthy. While link building in itself is not “bad”, there are some aspects that raise eyebrows – at the very least. In 2012, the landscape was pretty much changed, thanks to Google’s actions against questionable link building. It has even been said that 2012 was the year when the world of link building changed forever. Read More

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Link Building Techniques That Will Work in 2012

Lots of things have changed in link building industry since Google introduced Panda Update and latest Penguin Update. These days’ social media signals have become really important. Google has stopped giving importance to blog networks and lots of web directories seem to be gone from Google index. Ethical link building is doing wonders these days. Focus should be more towards brand promotion and staying away from spam link building techniques. Read More

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Content Marketing Is Better than Link Building

Content marketing relies on the creation of written, audio, video, or image-based content in order to sell a product or service. Darren Rowse of Problogger writes, “The activities that come under the umbrella of content marketing are broad. They cover everything from guest posting to uploading content to purpose-built networks (like YouTube or Soundcloud), to offering your own free, downloadable content products on your own blog.” If you read blogs or use Facebook, you’ve certainly experienced content marketing first hand. Read More

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Blog Link Building Dos and Don’ts

Link building remains one of the most effective strategies for increasing traffic to your blog. Building links allows your site to become more visible and this is the key towards getting more traffic. Generating more links to your site increases the likelihood of your site being seen and this will then increase your page ranking in search engines.

Link building entails thinking wisely and implementing the right strategies. There are certainly a lot of “dos” and “don’ts” in the business of blog link building. Here are some that you should remember: Read More

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