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4 Ways You Can Market Your Blog Ethically (And Avoid Google Penalties)

market your blog ethically

So many factors affect search engine results and keyword optimization. Customer behavior studies show that many low-ranking websites are completely disregarded, because prospective clients follow top links to find a solution to their query.

But few businesses have time to market their blog effectively. White hat SEO tactics require time, patience, and imagination to create. Companies have to watch their analytics and generate up-to-date reports to see which processes are effective and which to throw away.

Here are five ways to market your blog ethically, and avoid getting penalized by search engine algorithms. Read More

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5 Blogging Faux Pas You Might Be Making

Quiet Please ImageBlogging is an inherently social activity, just one that happens to be done with millions of other people all across the globe.

As with any social activity, there are social norms that develop and pertain to the way that bloggers interact with one another. These aren’t necessarily laws (though there is some relationship when you look at copyright) but they are general guidelines to help ensure that bloggers don’t needlessly injure one another and work together for the betterment of the larger community.

What exactly those standards are is up for debate. Often times, what one sees as the norm will depend as much on other factors as it does their role as a blogger. But still, there are a few generally-agreed upon norms out there, but they also happen to be very easy boundaries to cross at times.

So what are some missteps you might be making in your interactions with other bloggers? Here are five of the more common ones. Read More

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How To Link Bait Without Alienating Your Reader Base

Blogging TipsNew website owners and owners of struggling properties will often try just about anything in order to bring visitors to their websites. One of the most common practices is the “art” of “link baiting” in which an articles title is designed in such a way as to attract readers based off grandiose statements and incorrect information that is later explained in the story or by twisting title information to make it appear more appealing (in many cases).

What many writers fail to understand is that link baiting can be accomplished without pissing off your reader base and sending mixed messages.

Let’s take a look at a few quick ways you can create more attractive baiting techniques that bring readers to your blog for the right reasons. Read More

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Reward Linking Blogs With a Shout-Out

How do you reward loyal readers? Of course, you link to their blogs, too. Or perhaps you can come up with a list of top commenters every month or so. How about loyal “linkers”? While linking blogs are usually automatically rewarded with pingbacks or trackbacks, it can also pay to regularly feature the top linkers. I recently learned this from Money Crashers, which usually posts the top referrers per month.

Most analytics software like Google Analytics or pMetrics usually lets you check the top referrers at a glance. So this shouldn’t be too difficult to do. While you can look for plugins that will do this automatically, but the personal touch would be much more appreciated.

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