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Open Source Communities Function Best With Strong Leaders. Perfect Leaders Do Not Exist.

Matt Mullenweg

Finally the news has hit the scene, while being as overdue as this post probably is: there finally is a WordPress Foundation. But this entry is not about the WordPress Foundation but about the weakness of communities and their need for strong leaders, using the WordPress community as a perfect example.

More than two years ago, during the heated sponsored themes FUD debate, I wrote that it was time to return the WordPress trademark to the Community and was also called out, by Matt himself, for it being an attack post. I have been a critic of Matt for a long time already but there is one thing ‘the community’ must understand: Matt has the guts most people would not have. Every community needs their Matt Mullenweg.

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Matt Mullenweg Interviewed on Tekzilla

Matt Mullenweg was recently interviewed on Tekzilla by Veronica Belmont. He talks about themes and templates, the iPhone app, and some other fun stuff for the future.

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WPWeekly – Matt Mullenweg Interview

The most recent episode of the WPWeekly podcast is one giant interview with Matt Mullenweg covering a wide range of questions and topics such as…

What is the process one must go through in order to patch a bug, complete a ticket and get it into the core of WordPress?

Can you give use your stance on selling GPL compliant themes or plugins. Is going to support commercial GPL Themes in some other way or what’s up with commercial GPL products and

Apparently improvements are being made to widgets, “Improved Widget user interface”. Can you describe those improvements and how they will affect WP Users and/or theme developers?

And that’s just scratching the surface. Check out the show notes over on WPTavern for the full list of questions that where brought up, and/or to listen to the episode. I’d highly suggest giving this episode a listen if you’re interested in the direction that WordPress is headed.

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