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Why Bother Leaving MEAN Blog Comments?

I’ve had the good fortune to recently have several blog posts make it to Yahoo! homepage. When I first set out on a blogging path, this was a goal of mine. I wasn’t driven by the fame and fortune (there’s none!); it was the love of comments, lots of them, that drove me to try to get some major media love. To me, there’s nothing more satisfying as a blogger than to write about a topic you are passionate about and spark interesting dialogue.

According to San Diego-based Internet consultant Danny DeMichele, “Comments are an underrated tool you can use to build real relationships with readers, publishers, and site owners to help your overall online marketing goals.”

Unfortunately, despite the volume of comments on Yahoo!, that never happened. Instead, many of the comments were useless, silly and, well, downright mean. Before leaving a negative comment on a blog, consider the following:

THE BLOGGER IS JUST LIKE YOU. Unlike celebrities and athletes, bloggers are not compensated to withstand public scrutiny and personal attacks. Successful bloggers must have a thick skin, and a little jousting is par for the course, but leaving a mean comment just for the sake of it benefits no one. Read More

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5 Ways to Handle Criticism: How to Build a Blogging Thick Skin

For better or worse, bloggers put themselves out there, on display, for the entire world to see. And unlike professional athletes and Hollywood stars, we’re not compensated for criticism. But we get it anyway. Sometimes it’s harsh. It’s actually a small price to pay for having the freedom to do something you love.

Some bloggers are timid writing types, the kind of folks who shy away from confrontation. Others are ‘computer tough guys,’ writers who are looking for trouble by stirring the pot. The reality is that even the best writer has an off day. Spelling errors: check. Typos: check, check. Grammar problems: check, check, check.

When someone publicly (or privately) calls you out for content, style or syntax, take a deep breath and follow these guidelines. Read More

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