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The Blogger’s Quick Guide to Emergency Cash

Emergencies, by their very nature, are irritating and unexpected. While there are worse emergencies (than cash flow issues) that a blogger can face, there is no denying that cash problems can be more than a pain in the butt. For anyone who works online as a freelance blogger/writer, finances are an even more uncertain factor. There are great months, but there are lean months.
emergency cash
The best advice I can give any blogger is to make it a habit to stash money whenever it comes in. Big or small, you need to make sure that you always set aside some cash for a rainy day. Over time, your stash can reach a sizable amount that will serve as a buffer against most emergencies.

However, sometimes, life really just delivers a blow or two, and you might still find yourself needing emergency cash. What do you do then? Take advantage of your online prowess, and find emergency cash sources! Read More

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5 Ways to Go Pro With Your Blog

Public Speaking ImageIf you are blogging and are enjoying it, the idea of going pro is likely appealing to you. After all, who wouldn’t want to earn their living doing something they love, especially when it can be done almost anywhere a wifi connection can be found?

But the truth is that turning a blog, even a popular one, into a full-time income is tough. Competition is stiff, the landscape is uncertain and even if you can find a path to success, it’s uncertain if it will still be available tomorrow. It’s no wonder that there are entire communities dedicated to exactly this problem.

Fortunately though, there are many different paths that you can take to monetize your blog and, eventually, turn it into at least part of your full-time job.

But while there are too many to count or mention in one article, especially when many approaches are really combinations of other schemes, there are some methods that have been used more often, and with greater success, than others.

With that in mind, here are five of the more popular ways of going pro with a blog, including who they’re right for and what the perils of that approach might be. Read More

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Blogging for Bucks: Making a Profit from Your Online Musings

Today many people turn blogging into a money-making pursuit, earning cash in their pajamas by simply writing about favorite topics. Blogging isn’t a job for which someone must be hired, but instead a vocation anyone can get into if they possess the desire and know-how.

Paths to Profitability

It may seem hard to believe that someone could make a living by writing and posting his or her innermost thoughts on the Internet. However, there are numerous ways to turn a blog into a profitable enterprise. A blogger could sell ad space on the pages of his blog, making money directly off the site itself. Once the blog gains popularity and a steady audience, another option would be to use one’s own reputation to obtain paid guest writing opportunities on other blogs. And of course, if the blog is written by a business owner, spreading the word about a company online via blog posts is a great way to find new customers or rekindle interest from existing ones, resulting in greater profits for the business as a whole.

Getting Started

The first step to creating a fiscally successful blog is to write consistently insightful, clever posts with a solid focus and logical structure.  An individual considering the possibility of earning a living as a blogger should consider obtaining education and credentials to support a career in writing. An IT degree also could prove helpful, given that blogging is at its heart a technological pursuit. Possessing such qualifications can lend authority to a blog, potentially helping to increase readership and ultimately influencing the blogger’s financial bottom line.

Is Blogging a Professional Option for Recent College Grads?

College graduates have traditionally followed the post-graduation path of looking for a position with a company in their field of choice, sitting through interviews at numerous businesses until finally landing a gig and, along with it, the opportunity to get dressed up in a suit every day and put in eight hours of labor. Blogging, on the other hand, can be a viable career option without having to jump through such hoops.

Getting started in the world of blogging is decidedly easier than getting a job in other fields. To become a blogger one needs only to set up a blog on one of the many blog hosting sites that litter the Internet. Alternately, bloggers who also possess a keen understanding of information technology can set up their own Web pages and allow these pages to serve as home to their blogs. After setting up a page, the blogger simply has to populate it with contents and gather an audience. With some effort and writing skill, as well as an ability to connect with an audience, profits are likely to follow.


Although blogging can prove lucrative, it isn’t a pay-by-the-hour job. When bloggers initially begin their pursuit, they’ll likely have to deal with an extended period of time during which they aren’t bringing in any money. Financial hardship is a true consideration during this beginning period. A blogger may have to consider a part-time job—or even a full-time one—to supplement his writing activities, at least at first.

Also, bloggers often complain that they feel as if they are writing into a void, sharing their thoughts while no one is listening. Eventually, though, as the blog’s audience grows, this feeling will hopefully be replaced by a sense of support from a community of readers.

Blogging is no longer an uncommon occupation. The Internet is filled with blogs on topics varying from floral arrangement to sailboat maintenance. Because the desires of Internet searchers vary so much, blog content can also vary in topic substantially. This means that a would-be blogger can create a blog about any topic he feels he knows well, helping to make his dreams of raking in cash without ever leaving home a reality.

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5 Lessons Bad Movies Can Teach Bloggers

If you’re a movie buff, you’ve probably sat down and watched at least a few bad movies.

But as tempting as it is to try and forget the bad movies, they often times offer important lessons that we can carry into other areas, including blogging. Thus, it’s important to take a moment and study them, look at why they were bad and what, if anything, could have been done to fix them.

Why is it that one multi-million dollar film created by industry veterans can be torture to sit through but a low-budget feature from an unknown can inspire, terrify or incite laughter? Why is it that movies we think should be bad, including b movies and silly comedies, can be so entertaining while movies that aim for something higher can often be so difficult to sit through?

While much of what movies you do and do not enjoy will come down to personal taste, there are some lessons that are more or less universal and they can be easily applied to blogging. With that in mind, here are just five of those lessons and what they mean for you. Read More

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Online Earning Myths Uncovered

Does it seem as though every time you turn around, someone else is telling you a story about how they made a ton of money online? What’s frustrating about this is that although you can make a living with online revenue, it’s hard to tell which story to believe and which ones are simply gimmicks. In fact, you can go on nearly any writing site and find people who will tell you how to get rich online but then go into the forums and find those same individuals asking for help and advice because they’re new to the online world.

Before you believe everything you read and follow in the footsteps of someone you don’t know and who really has not earned any credibility, you need to be aware of the truth regarding three popular myths.  Read More

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How Much Money Should You Make from Blogging?

Lorelle VanFossen has started a problogging series on the Blog Herald and one of her recent posts is about whether blogger earnings are enough relative to national standards.

To make the average annual US income of $60,000, you need to make $34 an hour. If you are paid $5 a blog post, you would have to write 12,000 blog posts. At $25 a blog post, you would have to publish 2,400. For $50 per post, that’s 1200 posts. At $100 per blog post, you would have to generate 600 posts.

The overall sense I’m getting here is that blogging for money isn’t quite sustainable, considering that most bloggers (that I know of) are getting way below the ideal rate of $300+ per post–and that is for top-quality, well-researched output.

There are 52 weeks in a year. Most paid bloggers need to produce a minimum of 3 posts a week. That’s 156 posts a year. Divide the annual average income of $60,000 by 156 posts, that’s $385 per post. Anyone getting paid that much to blog? I doubt it. Notch this up to 5 posts a week and you’d need 260 blog posts at $230 per post. That’s better but most bloggers are paid $$25 or less per post.

At $25 a post, you’d need to write 2,400 blog posts to earn $60,000 a year. How long would that take you? Do you have 2,400 original blog posts within you?

Another factor not taken into consideration here, I would say, is those working in the blogging industry who are not in the US. So that means your cost of living (or the income you need in order to be happy, or at least to survive) may differ. It might be higher in some regions, say Western Europe, Tokyo or Singapore. But it would definitely be lower in other places where cost of living is low. So for instance some would be well off with a fraction of the $60,000 annual income that is cited as the target income.

Still, Lorelle comes up with some figures on how long it takes to research and write good-quality posts. She also touches on the per-post or per-hour argument.

So the question here is not about how much you are earning from blogging, which has probably been discussed in many many posts around the blogosphere. It’s how much you should be earning from blogging. Suffice to say that for me $60,000 per year would go a long, long way.

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