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Movable Type Monday: Google Maps, Custom Fields Search, Print Version, and More

Happy Monday, folks! This week, Six Apart released a handful of plugins under open source licenses. Here’s the list of plugins released, from the announcement:

  • GeoType allows you to associate GoogleMap data with an entry. Each map extends the MT Asset framework, so it’s managed similar to uploaded images or documents, and associated to an entry in the exact same way.
  • PostOffice enables blog posting via email. You may have been following along in MTOS earlier this week about this one, Brad Choate made a lot of handy fixes.
  • CentralAuthenticationService allows you to configure MT to delegate user authentication to a CAS server in place of the built-in native authentication scheme.
  • BuildTracer benchmarks statically-published templates and provides a visual display of how long it takes each tag to publish. It’s originally by Akira and available on his site, but we’ve been updating it in Github to match the latest builds of MT.

Other plugins released this past week:

Taku Amano released CustomFieldsSearch which, as you can guess, let’s you search against your custom fields data.

ExpandCategoryAreaCSS from Yujiro Araki makes the category list on entry editing expandable so it’s easier to use.

RandomFeed by Junnama Noda displays a random feed from a set you specify in your dashboard.

We’ve also got a couple of tutorials to tell you about. Mike shows us how to create print-friendly entries using the Readability service.

Also, Maarten Schenk explains how to list entries from multiple Movable Type blogs sorted by date. What Maarten is doing here goes beyond what the built-in multi-blog functionality can do.

What have you done with MT lately? Let us know in the comments.

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Movable Type Monday: Themes, Authentication, Translation, and More

Happy Monday, folks! Let’s start this week off with a new Movable Type theme. Mike at Code Monkey Ramblings has created a new theme called iBlog2. Based on a WordPress theme, it can be used with both the classic blog template set and the professional website.

We’ve also got a couple of new plugins this week. SKYARC System Co., Ltd,. created BasicAuthAutoCompleteLogin, which allows you to use your MT credentials on pages protected with basic HTTP auth.

Konjak from ELASTIC Consultants Inc does translation of your blog posts using either Google or Bing translation services.

For those of you running multiple blogs on MT, you can use QuickRebuild from Taku Amano to republish all your blogs at once.

One of the most powerful features of MT is the ability to publish your entries any way you want. Gercek Karakus needed an XML feed for Flash, so he created this template.

Finally, Maarten Schenk has a few tips and tutorials for us this week:

What have you done with MT lately? Let us know in the comments.

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Movable Type Monday: Twitter, Google Buzz, Unpublishing, and More

Happy Monday, folks! I want to start by mentioning a couple of items I missed last week. First, Rob Kenny announced a new version of his HashTag plugin. HashTag posts an update to Twitter when you publish a new entry. In the latest version it works with scheduled entries and pages.

Also last week, Mike released a Google Buzz Action Stream plugin. If you haven’t used Google Buzz, it’s, well, a lot like Action Stream, really: It creates a feed of your activity on multiple social sites. Additionally, you can follow other people’s feeds and comment on items. Read More

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Movable Type Monday: MT 4.34, Plugins, Themes, Tips, and More

Happy Monday, folks! We’ve got a lot to cover this week. First off, Six Apart released Movable Type 4.34 on Wednesday. Here’s a few of the highlights from the release notes:

  • Corrected a problem with user privilege changes implemented in Movable Type 4.33 that prevented a user from uploading a userpic (a picture of himself or herself) in some situations.
  • Fixed a typographical error in the lib/MT/Summary/ Perl module in Movable Type 4.33 that resulted in “subroutine redefined” errors being reported in some circumstances.
  • Fixed a problem with the internal search facility within the Movable Type 4 CMS that prevented more than 125 results matching the search criteria to be displayed. Thanks to Mark Carey for the patch.
  • Fixed a problem with the internal search facility within the Movable Type 4 CMS that caused all “Regex Match” searches to return no matches.
  • Fixed a problem in Movable Type 4.33 where searching for entries by date ranges returned incorrect results. This problem was most noticeable to users of the Blog Stats Dashboard Widget. It often displayed no activity for entries or comments regardless of actual activity.

Read More

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Movable Type Monday: Archives, Comment Spam, CKEditor, and More

Happy Monday, folks! Over the last few weeks, I’ve introduced you to two great new Movable Type blogs: Maarten Schenk’s Movable Tips and Nick’s MT-J. This week we’ve got a bunch of new info from both these sites.

First, let’s take a look at what’s going on over at Movable Tips: Read More

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Movable Type Monday: MT-Notifier 5, Melody, Sorting Entries, and More

Happy Monday, folks! From time to time we talk about Melody, a fork of Movable Type that was started by several top developers in the Movable Type community. Serdar Yegulalp has written a solid introduction to Melody for those that want a better understanding of what the project is and where it stands.

Just yesterday I found out about a new MT blog that I expect to be linking to a lot here in the future. Nick at MTJ is bringing Japanese MT development to the English-speaking world. There’s a lot of great MT work being done in Japan, and with Nick’s help we’ll finally be able to showcase some of it here. For example, Nick has recently written about a few new plugins:

  • Escape Code and Action Streams — Escape Code makes it easier to display sample code in your entries. And this release of Action Streams brings that plugin to MT5.
  • Bypass Dashboard — Let’s you bypass the dashboard when you log in. Particularly useful for people that only have access to one blog.
  • AssetArchives — Create a set of archives for your assets. Could be the easiest way yet to create a photo gallery.
  • Crypt — Let’s you encrypted the published file.
  • System Menu — Gives you a menu for accessing system-level admin pages in MT5. A handy shortcut for those of us that got used to that menu in MT4.

Also, be sure to check out Nick’s coverage of the MT Developers & Designers Conference held recently in Tokyo. Read More

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Movable Type Monday: MT-Notifier, ShortCodes, and Movable Tips

Happy Monday, folks! A couple of weeks ago, Chad Everett released a new version of MT-Notifier, the advanced notifications plugin for Movable Type and Melody. Since then, he’s released a minor update with these changes:

  • Corrected category code for sending all comment notifications.
  • Corrected ordering of permissions for widget installation.
  • Fixed template tag name in widget.

Licensed users can download that update now.

Over at Code Monkey Ramblings, Mike has written a tutorial on generating shortcodes in MT or Melody. Besides showing you how to create shortcodes — reusable text replacement tags — Mike’s tutorial is also a great entry-level lesson on writing MT plugins. Read More

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Movable Type Monday: Notes on MT 4.33, Publish Queue Plugin, PicApp

Happy Monday, folks! While I’m sure many of you are busy trying all the new features in Movable Type 5, a lot of users are sticking with MT 4.x for now. And with good reasons: With the addition of Websites in MT 5, users need time to study how that change will affect their sites. It’s also important to test for plugin compatibility.

If you recall, MT 4.33 came out just a couple of weeks ago. For those that haven’t yet upgraded to that version, Six Apart has some details about the changes. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Security Fixes
  • New Configuration Directive
  • Oracle Database Fixes
  • Asset Manager Fixes
  • Template Linked to File Fixes

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen 6A go into this kind of detail about a point release before. I hope it continues with future versions.

You should know, though, that some users have had problems with 4.33 wiping out the data on their dashboard. A fix has been checked in and a 4.34 release should be coming soon.

Also this week, I’ve heard about a couple of new plugins that Endevver (and, more specifically, Byrne Reese) is working on. First is Send2PQ, a plugin that will republish your entire blog via the publish queue. It can also email you when it’s done.

The other plugin, PicApp, gives you access to the PicApp service, which allows you to add high-quality stock photography to your blog.

What have you done with MT lately? Let us know in the comments.

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Movable Type Monday: MT-Notifier, Unit Testing, Pubsubhubbub

Happy Monday, folks! Just a few things to tell you about this week. First, Chad Everett has released version 4.3.0 of MT-Notifier. Two big changes with this version: First, Chad’s upgraded the configuration to the new YAML style for plugins, which means if you’re upgrading you should delete the old version rather than copy over it. And, the standard version of MT-Notifier is now free. The free version has all the regular subscription options, while the premium version gives you a management interface and integrated search options.

Other changes, from the official announcement:

  • Added bypass setting for skipping old notifications to new subscribers.
  • Added checking of record count to queue sent message.
  • Added include/header.tmpl to plugin.
  • Changed subscription sort date to modified (from created).
  • Cleaned up carriage return/line feeds in plugin files.
  • Cleaned up code by removing unused callbacks.
  • Cleaned up history writing routines.
  • Converted Notifier->instance to MT->component.
  • Converted to config.yaml.
  • Corrected problem with queue limit not working.
  • Corrected widget method names to be more consistent.
  • Moved subscription verification to CommentScript (from AdminScript).
  • Moved content from to
  • Updated translation file strings.
  • Updated object file definitions.

We’ve also got a couple of items from the Melody Project. First, Byrne Reese explains Pubsubhubbub and why it’s in Melody. Also, if you’re interested in unit testing and using Git with Melody, Jesse Gardner posted a screencast featuring Jay Allen and Byrne Reese.

What have you done with MT lately? Let us know in the comments.

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Movable Type Monday: MT5, Twitter API, Training, and More

Happy Monday, folks! As expected, Movable Type 5 was released last week. A lot has changed in this new release, as described in the official announcement:

  • A new user dashboard for both the website and blogs. This makes it easy for authors, editors, designers and other publishers to easily navigate between the two.
  • A new theme mechanism that makes it easy to apply a new theme across a website and blogs with a single click that proliferates changes throughout the published site.
  • Enhanced content management features that include revision history and new custom fields. There are five new object types for custom fields: website, blog, comment, template and asset.

Read More

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