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Henry Blodget opens up about his “colossal mistake” as a writer

Henry Blodget opens up about his “colossal mistake” as a writer (via Pando Daily)

By David Holmes On November 14, 2013Business Insider founder Henry Blodget was our guest at tonight’s PandoMonthly, and it wasn’t long before the topic of his “Why Do People Hate Jews?” post came up. Blodget asked the question in earnest, but…

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Blogging Pitfalls: Why You Can’t Be Just a Blogger

Everyone knows what being a blogger entails but fewer people know what creating a successful blog involves. Far too many bloggers have fallen for the false mantra of “If you write it, they will come” only to watch their traffic, readership and even profits lag behind their efforts.

There is much more to writing a blog than just simply putting out new blog entries. Even ignoring promotion, communication and other activities all bloggers do, there is a simple truth that, for the most part, a great blog can not be simply a great blog.

Nearly all great blogs are something else too and it is important to be thinking about that both as you work to develop the idea for your site and as you grow it. Rather than focusing merely on the daily grind, you need to make sure that your readers have other reasons to both first find your site and keep coming back.

After all, blogs are a dime a dozen on the Web, without something more, your site may not be worthless, but it can sure feel that way.

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Guest Posting on BloggingPro

Last week I had the pleasure to announce the new My Blog Guest – Splashpress Media partnership and we are now opening some of our site for a weekly guest blog feature, also BloggingPro.

To guest post here at BloggingPro you will have to be a member of My Blog Guest and our own Andrew G. Rosen will deal with the submissions and schedule accepted posts.

What is My Blog Guest?

MyBlogGuest has been started by Ann Smarty, a fairly well-known weblogger and social media user. She’s been guest blogging and building relationships in the blogosphere long enough to understand the power of a guest post – and that’s what she wants to share via her little cozy web community. Read More

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Featured WP Plugin: Let It Snow!

Want to put a little Christmas touch on your blog to commemorate the upcoming winter holiday? “Let It Snow!” might be the plugin that you’re looking for!

Once installed, your blog will be adorned with falling flakes of snow similar to the one seen on and its blogs. The falling snowflakes look great as they are rendered realistically and come in different sizes.

It looks even better in action. Check it out here.

The plugin has an options page where you can change the speed and the number of falling flakes that appear on screen. You can have the snow fall lazily across your blog or even simulate a blizzard if you fancy.


As an added visual effect, you can have the snowfall follow the movement of your mouse and have the snow remain on the bottom of your screen. No need to worry about the snow piling up though, as the plugin automatically limits the number of flakes that appear on screen.

“Let it snow!” is compatible up to WordPress version 2.8.6 (Editor’s note: Also works with most recent 2.9 nightly build and 2.9 Beta2). Created by Aen Tan of COMA blog. You can download this really “cool” plugin by going here.

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WordPress Announces Canonical Plugins. Some Thoughts On proposed Names.

The WordPress Core Commit Team ended their meeting after WordCamp Orlando and has announced on the development blog that there will be canonical plugins in the future.

What are ‘canonical plugins’?

The first question which comes to mind is ‘What are canonical plugins?‘. The team has provided the following definition:

Canonical plugins would be plugins that are community developed (multiple developers, not just one person) and address the most popular functionality requests with superlative execution. These plugins would be GPL and live in the repo, and would be developed in close connection with WordPress core. There would be a very strong relationship between core and these plugins that ensured that a) the plugin code would be secure and the best possible example of coding standards, and b) that new versions of WordPress would be tested against these plugins prior to release to ensure compatibility.

Canonical plugins will not be developed by one plugin developer anymore but by the community. They will also have their official web presence on the plugin repository instead of on website of the (original) developer.
What does this mean for several plugin developers? If you have a popular plugin and your plugin contains a ‘Donate’ button, be prepared to ditch this button if you want your plugin to be taken in consideration. This would be the case for example for. Arne Brachold’s Google (XML) Sitemap Generator and Donncha’s WP Super Cache plugin.

How to name ‘canonical plugins’?

The team clearly identified that the term canonical rather niche is and asks the community to vote on how these ‘super plugins’ should be categorised/labelled. The entry on the develop blog offers some names for canonical plugins:

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WordPress 2.9 To Be Released Before The End of 2009?

WordPress.orgTranslation strings for WordPress 2.9 have been frozen. This means that no new changes other than bug corrections will be made to 2.9 anymore and we can expect a Release Candidate (RC1) anytime now.

The WP Core team is in Orlando, discussing the future of WordPress, the 3.0 branch and WPMu merge, and possible changes to the site after Matt filed a report of specific Trac tickets. An update about their decisions is expected today or tomorrow.

What do you think, can we expect WordPress 2.9 before Christmas? If you have been using Beta2 or update daily with the newest nightly build, how has your mileage been?
I have not experienced any problems on any of my sites.

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