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The Most Important & Effective Strategy When Business Blogging

Corporate BloggingIncorporating a blog within any small to large organization’s website can be one of the most important decisions that could be made. Blogs are extremely effective for driving sales, web traffic, building brand awareness and strengthening relationships with customers. However, corporate blogging can be somewhat different from a regular personal blog due to differences in goals and audience but at the same time there are techniques that are guaranteed to produce results whatever the goals may be.

Let’s discuss what readers of corporate blogs are looking for and what elements will keep them coming back for more and even make a purchase.

Its Not Only About Self Promotion

Traditional advertising focuses on promoting how wonderful a company’s products are. We are constantly bombarded by these ads over the television and personally, I have become immune to every single one of them. I have never purchased an item based on just flat out promotion except for that once in a while awesome never before seen product. Also, technology has made it possible to skip advertisements so we might need to move away from television ads and find more unique and dynamic methods.

This type of advertising and self promotion will not work for blogging if you’re considering to move the same old strategy there. Its fine to have a post on new products, deals and freebies occasionally but it should not be the essence of your blog. Read More

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5+7 Tips to Spark Blogging Inspiration

If you’ve written or blogged for at least a few months, you know that inspiration comes and goes. It’s not always lack of ideas that stop you from getting that next blog post out — often it’s having too many ideas and having doubts about what to write. Here are a few tips to spark some blogging inspiration, that have worked for me in the past.

Scanning For Ideas

The first step is scan for sources of ideas. Yeah, I know that I said you might have too many ideas, but we’ll take care of that in the next section.

  1. Scan the blogosphere. The first thing I usually do to start a blogging day is check my favorite aggregators and portals. I like to use Techmeme, Alltop, YourVersion, Google Reader. Depending on the niche that I’m blogging, I might check other similar tools or have my own custom aggregators that I’ve built in WordPress. Read More

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Blogging Effort vs Return on Investment

Problogger’s Darren Rowse has a great article on the “unsexy truths” of monetizing your blogging. A lot of the truths that he mentions apply whether you’re monetizing directly or indirectly, whether you’re running advertising or selling products or services. Overall, I think that purpose and persistence are two of the fundamental keys of blogging success.

Why or For Whom Are You Blogging?

What Darren says, in a nutshell, is that persistence offers the potential (not the guarantee) of success online, but this often is the hardest aspect of blogging: that the return doesn’t come fast enough (item #2). This could be either because a blogging niche is difficult to monetize, or because not enough effort is made to promote, or several other reasons, including really sloppy or poor content. When you couple lack of ROI in a desirable timeframe with the loneliness (item #7) of blogging from home — which I’m guessing most bloggers do — and the challenge of long hours (sometimes, not always) and the lack of human contact together often mean one thing: giving up fairly quickly, if you’re blogging for yourself. Read More

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7 Tips for Bootstrapping Your Blog Traffic

Any time you start a new blog, the biggest concern tends to be “how do I build traffic?” Unless you’re hiring or have a crack team of web gurus who know the tricks for building up your blog fast, you’ll just have to do it yourself. However, if you haven’t luxury of a big budget and have minimal time, one recourse is to bootstrap your blog traffic with the same general principles with which entrepreneurs bootstrap their startup businesses with minimal funds and resources.

Here are some tips for leveraging your publishing and promotional plan to build initial trickles of traffic into much more.

Write content and publish consistently

It’s easy to come up with a plan, even create an editorial calendar. It’s much harder to actually stick to a consistent schedule. This is a common area of difficulty for bloggers, but important to master. Let’s just say that search engines and readers both love consistency of frequency. Unless you’re running a news site, you don’t necessarily have to publish tons of content daily. Read More

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Performancing Reopens Marketplace

Performancing has recently announced the reopening of the Performancing Marketplace.

Prior to its brief hiatus (due to software migration) the Perf Marketplace had been an active portal for buying and selling of blogs, software, and related services. The new Marketplace aims to bring this back. With a free-flowing format (forum-based), Performancing hopes that users can have meaningful exchanges of information and fruitful trades of products and services.

Along with the recent free signup promo for the Hive and the reopening of the Jobs board, the Marketplace relaunch is just one of the efforts the Performancing team is doing to ensure a vibrant community of new media professionals. Sign up now for free, or browse the current listings.

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