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Posts Tagged ‘post editor’ – “How To” Video Collection is growing like mad lately, especially the “how to” section. They’ve got video explanations of all sorts of stuff from getting started with Google Analytics, to rearranging the post editor to suit your liking, to adding paypal buttons to your blog, and, of course, a pile of other stuff.

Just today they added a video about adding twitter updates to your sidebar, which is an insanely popular thing to do these days. Check it out below, and go to for more.

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3 Alternative Ways To Post to WordPress –

If you don’t find using the default post editor in WordPress very efficient, or for whatever reason just want to be able to post to your WordPress blog without going to the admin panel, starting a new post, and going through the somewhat lengthy process of getting everything ready to go, then they are quite a few alternative methods to getting something posted. currently has a great list describing many of them, including a fairly good list of desktop applications or browser addons.

Here’s a taste from one of the methods they discuss…

Press This is a bookmarklet that you can add to your browser. When you find something you want to blog about, select it and click the Press This bookmarklet. It’ll then open a small WordPress post window that is auto-populated with the selected text and allow you to put the finishing touches on the post.

Out of all the different ways I’ve tried in the past, that I like ScribeFire the best, but it really comes down to personal choice, and what you want to do with it. There are certainly enough other options that if you wanted to you could avoid the default editor forever and no one would be the wiser for it.

Are they any methods that people are using that weren’t included in the list? Let me know what you’re using in the comments. It’s always interesting to hear about how people are using the different tools available (or creating their own).

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