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Posts Tagged ‘Premium’ To Fans: Premium Themes Now Included!

Automattic has just announced that bloggers on will now be able to purchase premium themes, a feature that previously was only available for self hosted WordPress blogs.

I am proud to introduce the very first two premium themes on Headlines and Shelf. […]

Along with the distinctive features and a gorgeous design purchasing a premium theme like Shelf or Headlines for your site also gives you full access to dedicated support on the forums. The premium themes forum there will be accessible only to site owners who’ve purchased a theme.

We hope to expand the collection of themes on in a big way in 2011. Look for a significant number of both free and premium themes coming your way this year. (Official Blog)

The Headlines and Shelf premium themes were designed by WooThemes and The Theme Foundry, repsectively, with the latter offering users a tumbleblog like experience.

Automattic has not yet publicly revealed the revenue split between and theme designers, as well as other requirements like whether theme designers have to fully embrace the GPL before selling themes upon (i.e. no split licensing).

However with boasting 17 million blogs, Automattic’s market share (which is roughly 50% of all active WordPress blogs) may simply be too large for theme designers to ignore.

(Image Credit: Logic Bomb Labs)

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Premium WordPress Themes: What To Ask, And What To Avoid

When it comes to shopping for premium WordPress themes, there are often hundreds (if not thousands) of choices users can choose from ranging from the inexpensive to a few that might break the bank.

Regardless of what your budget is, there are several things you should inquire about before purchasing the WordPress in order to avoid getting burned (even by a reputable theme designer). Read More

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Premium WordPress Plugins: Questions To Ask Before Buying

When it comes to installing WordPress premium plugins, there are a few extra questions users should ask beyond the “Is this plugin secure?” or “Can I trust this developer/company?”

While there is are greater expectations regarding premium plugins (mainly due to the fact that you’re paying them), not every premium WordPress plugin is worth their weight in code (regardless of which features they promise to deliver).

Regardless of whether you discovered the premium plugin upon the WordPress plugin directory or via a quick Google search, here are several questions you should ask before hitting the buy button. Read More

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Why WordPress Bloggers Need To Choose Premium Plugins Over Free

When it comes to investing in your WordPress blog, there are many users who are willing to spend the cash in order to gain access to premium themes, quality hosting or (for the guru’s out there) a CDN service in order to ensure that your site loads quickly regardless of where your readers live.

However when it comes to WordPress plugins, many users not only expect that these remain free, but also demand that plugins be actively supported as well as compatible with the latest WordPress update.

Since the idea of spending money for plugins is probably a foreign (if not ridiculous) option to most WordPress lovers, here are a few points why you should always choose premium plugins over free (within reason of course). Read More

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Does Forced Email Opt-in Make A Plugin Premium?

According to the Warrior Forums the plugins of MaxBlogPress have been removed from WordPress Extend without any official, apparent reason. MaxBlogPress is the developer of the popular Ping Optimizer and Stripe Ad plugins.

Anyone who has ever used one of MaxBlogPress’ plugins certainly knows to appreciate their value but also has been confronted with the compulsory email opt-in to activate these plugins and has subsequently received regular marketing emails, before unsubscribing.
There have been calls within the forums to ban MaxBlogPress plugins from the plugin repository and it looks as if the plugins have now been banned. I could not find any plugin developed by MaxBlogPress in the repository anymore, all links redirect to the plugins main page.

Let’s be clear up front and keep one can of worms closed: The GPL does allow this. Just like donation buttons in themes and plugins are allowed. Even plugins hosted in the official repository. And that’s entirely fine, it’s allowed by the GPL and a nice way to reward developers and designers. So a forced email opt-in to activate should also be possible or?

What makes a plugin a premium plugin?

Over the last two years the WordPress community has seen a massive shift towards paid, premium themes and slowly more and more premium plugins are available as well. There’s no doubt that the ban hammer used on the sponsored themes has helped this new market to emerge and grow.
A great, and probably the best known, example of premium plugins is the excellent Gravity forms. But in the case of Gravity Forms you do not pay for the plugin; the plugin itself can be used freely but you pay for the support license. Excellent and very fast support.

Are the MaxBlogPress plugins ‘premium’ plugins?

Keeping in mind that MaxBlogPress a marketing specialist is one could argue that every working email address a form of currency is and the plugins thus ‘premium’ are. We will leave the can other can of worms, whether this is ethical permission marketing or does border on spam, closed.

What do you think, do you use any of the MaxBlogPress plugins? Or did/does the forced opt-in activation put you off and should these plugin types be banned from the directory?

PS: I do think that if you want to install ‘unblockable popups’ on your blog, you might as well give your email address to a marketeer and stop whining. Both are just as unethical IMHO. Read More

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