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How to Make Tomorrow More Productive Today

The challenge of earning more money almost always comes down to getting more things done. This sounds simple, but it can be a huge hurdle for many. As many freelancers are aware, the very nature of freelancing is that your income is dependent on great productivity. This is the main reason why so many blogs and websites focus on instruction for increasing productivity.

Despite these resources, many actually fail to cover how to end your working day to enable yourself to be more productive the following day. Many successful freelancers are aware that setting the stage for a productive day actually happens the evening before. This can be done with a number of simple tasks. Establishing these good working habits will enable you to finish work and relax in the evening, while helping improve your productivity in the morning. Read More

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Get Productive! — Office Productivity Tools

With constant access to the internet—and consequently one’s friends and family—it becomes hard to pull away from it all and focus on one’s work. Everyone does it: “Let me check Facebook for a second,” or “I should check my email in case my [loved one] has an important message for me.” Yet without realizing it, seconds slip into minutes, and minutes become hours. Suddenly, it’s lunch time, and nothing has been accomplished. Don’t let this happen to you (again)!

Failing to manage your time reflects poorly on you as an employee, and repeated time management snafus turn into detrimental work habits. In an ever-connected world, focusing on one task as a time seems impossible. Savvy tech folk (probably fed up with their own bad work habits) have created the following tools to help you overcome distraction and get back to work. Find one that works for you, stick with it, and get more done. Read More

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6 Rules to Successful Lunch Time Blogging

How do you spend your lunch hour? When I’m not eating, meditating, or walking, I like to blog. In fact, I’ve been able to organize my afternoon break time to be a lean, mean, productive blogging machine.


Bring lunch from home.
Not only will you save time and money, but you’ll reduce the stress that surrounds indecision of what to get and rushing around to get back to work on time.

Eating is for eating.
Set aside a portion of your lunch hour to do what it was designed for – eating. Uni-tasking is the new multi-tasking, and it’s much better to do one thing at a time and do it well. Read More

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