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Updating Old Posts vs. Creating New Content

updating old posts
When looking to boost the appeal of your website, it can be difficult to decide whether you should focus on updating old posts that have had a lot of hits, or whether you should be generating new content. Ultimately, the decision comes down to the kind of site you run, and if you can successfully combine older posts that still have relevance with topical, optimised content that’s going to stimulate attention on social networks. Read More

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Why Boring Is the New Exciting

People often come to me asking, “How can I come up with a new and original idea?” The truth is, if you are looking for an idea to write about, there is no need to look for something new and exciting. It may sound crazy to say that boring is the new exciting. But, just as a magnificent lotus flower must first grow from a seed that germinates in mud and water, your most compelling idea is likely to be the one that grows out of the boring, most mundane aspects of life.

For example, consider the growing trend of writing blog posts about lifehacks (a term made popular by the website, Lifehacker). People are fascinated by lifehacks, but the ideas for lifehacks come from attempts to solve problems or to use an ordinary tool in a not-so-ordinary way, often to accomplish an ordinary end. I recently read a lifehack post on the topic, “10 Foods You Can Allegedly Make in a Coffee Maker.” What could be more boring than food? Or a coffeemaker? But put the two together and what owner of a coffeemaker (and what college student) isn’t going to want to read your post? Read More

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