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Is The Waiting Finally Over? WordPress Releases 3.0 Release Candidate

WordPress logoI don’t think there has ever been a WordPress release update I’ve been so eagerly waiting on as the final release of WordPress 3.0. Well, perhaps other than the jump from 1.5 to 2.0 when pages were added to the equation. This time around again we’ve got a world of goodies which I already talked about before and a brand new default theme; Twenty Ten. All pretty exciting stuff.

Upon WordPress’ 7th year birthday it now finally seems the waiting is - almost – over as WordPress released it’s Release Candidate of 3.0. For those of you not in the know a release candidate is a version between the Beta’s, which are for squashing bugs, and the actual version. Generally pretty solid, but not quite finished yet. Quoting from the release post over on the WordPress development blog: Read More

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WordPress 2.9 To Be Released Before The End of 2009?

WordPress.orgTranslation strings for WordPress 2.9 have been frozen. This means that no new changes other than bug corrections will be made to 2.9 anymore and we can expect a Release Candidate (RC1) anytime now.

The WP Core team is in Orlando, discussing the future of WordPress, the 3.0 branch and WPMu merge, and possible changes to the site after Matt filed a report of specific Trac tickets. An update about their decisions is expected today or tomorrow.

What do you think, can we expect WordPress 2.9 before Christmas? If you have been using Beta2 or update daily with the newest nightly build, how has your mileage been?
I have not experienced any problems on any of my sites.

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