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Are You a Blog Scraper?

Blog scraper

Blog scraping can be defined by the act of copying content from one blog and passing it off as your own. What truly defines scraping is copying the content exactly. As long as you are using your own words to detail facts, the act frees you from copyright infringement. This is aside from the fact that search engines such as Google are working diligently to remove “scraped” content from appearing high in search rankings. What labels one as a blog scraper?

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Why We Don’t Worry About Every Scraper

Dart Board PictureContent scraping is a major issue nowadays and most sites are the victim of scraping. Even here at Splashpress Media many of our sites are duplicated across the web and sites such as The Blog Herald and BloggingPro are duplicated several times every day, often entries are scraped more than 20-30 times. Nevertheless we do not care ‘too much’ about this and have found an own, editorial, approach/policy to deal with the issue of content scraping.

Our own Jonathan Bailey, author of BloggingPro’s Blogging Pitfalls column, founder of Plagiarism Today and CEO of Copybyte, explains how we generally deal with plagiarism and content theft at Splashpress Media in a new entry on Jack of All Blogs.

The surprise for many is probably that in most cases we do not react at all, instead we have found a new way to turn MFA and content scraping sites into free advertising. Check Jonathan’s entry out over at JOAB.

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3 Ways To Outsmart Content Thieves (Without Losing Your Blog Sanity)

Aside from writing great content and eliminating comment spam, dealing with content thieves (aka content scrapers).

While there are technical and legal measures you can take in thwarting these pesky low life’s (who steal your content regardless of how big or small your blog is), going after every thief can be time consuming, if not expensive (especially if you have to hire a lawyer).

Instead of wasting time and energy pursuing these shadow sites, you should instead outsmart these losers (without losing your blog focus or sanity). Read More

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Sunday Morning SEO: Using Google’s Spam Report to Fight a Cloaking Scraper

A couple weeks ago, I published my regular post on a recurring event in my niche. The event was a product release that comes out about once every three months. Typically, I rank right away for the relevant keywords because most of my competitors are not very knowledgeable about SEO. However, this time I did not get my usual traffic spike.

So, being the curious cat that I am :), I did some investigating.

I looked at the search engine results page (SERP) for the most relevant keyword and saw that my post was not in the top 50 results. Instead, a site had scraped (copied through automatic means) the opening sentences of my blog entry and was ranking on the third results page. Also, they cloaked their post. In other words, they redirected it to a unrelated product.

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