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What Nobody Told You About Blogging


So you want to indulge in the wild world of blogging? Many people do, and many people enjoy it. But blogging is not for everyone. It’s not an easy task that reaps thousands of rewards without any work. So before you think that blogs are all rainbows, unicorns and butterflies, get to know the four things that nobody ever told you about blogging.

1. It takes time.

Everything about blogging takes time. Setting up your blog will take time because you’ll want to ensure that you choose the right URL and have the design complement your brand or your blog’s topic. You’ll also want to have a few blogs written before your blog goes live so that it has time to resonate with the search engines. Creating useful and engaging blogs is also very time consuming. You want to ensure that you’re writing blog posts that will interest your readers and help you gain a following. You’ll also need to create blog posts on a consistent basis so that you keep your readers coming back, and you’ll also have to find the time to post all of them. Read More

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How to Create Quality, Attractive Blog Content

If you’ve been beating your head against the wall trying to lower your bounce rate for your blog without any guidance or direction, don’t start to feel like you’re the only one.  Most people that are struggling to keep their readers engaged, give up and move away from blogging. However, to truly figure out how to keep the attention of your readers, you must learn how to make your content “sing”; so to speak. Until you learn this, your fight for attention will be never ending. Read More

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The Secret To A Hugely Successful Website – People

When you build a website or write an article for that website, or even change the colour of the backgrounds it’s important to remember who you are doing it for – in other words the people. Sure you’ve heard it all before: ‘write for people not Google’ right? Well hear me out because that’s not really what I’m talking about here. You see the problem with writing ‘for people’ is that often those people are rather dehumanized by the whole process. It’s a step up if you’re writing to entertain and not just to please an algorithm or a ‘robot’ – but don’t you think ‘people’ is really a rather broad term? The question I want you to really ask yourself is what people?

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5 Ways You Can Take Advantage of Social Bookmarking Sites for Your Blog

Social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Digg and Typepad have been a social craze among bloggers nowadays. Not only because users in social media are more fond of sharing stuff that they find interesting to their friends and network, but this is mainly because of the huge potential social bookmarking holds to drive traffic to their blog sites. How can social bookmarking sites help save you time and energy, and keep you ahead of your competitors? In this article, we’ll find out the answers and you will also learn how you can take advantage of these sites for your own blog. Read More

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Tips for Building High Quality Backlinks

With the arrival of Google’s search algorithm update known as Penguin, there was a panic among small businesses and bloggers that their SEO work may fail them, sending them plunging down the results page and into online obscurity. The damage to their profits could be tremendous.

Building high quality backlinks  naturally isn’t a secretive process. It’s something anyone can do if you commit to the right strategy and the hard work it requires. Here are a few tips for building high quality backlinks that will last: Read More

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Give Your Website a Boost With Exceptional Off-Site SEO

One of the best ways to increase your sales and services is by having a website set up based entirely on it. Apart from offline businesses that are now focusing on the online market, there are plenty of young entrepreneurs who are completely focused online. For them ranking high on the search engines is of utmost importance.

But, there are plenty of companies that are using the internet to post their services and sell their goods and therefore, for you to enter an already booming market could be a really hard challenge. As we all know, when a person searches for something online they’re usually just going to check out the first page results and therefore, your main goal would be to rank as high as possible.

However, if at all you want to achieve this, you would need to make sure that the Off-site SEO techniques that you adopt are the best. But, for this to work, your on-site SEO needs to be really good as well. Read More

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Breaking Up With Your Search Engine Optimization Company

When it comes to both personal and professional relationships, you can run into difficulties and sometimes your differences are so vast you should go your separate ways. The same can be said of search engine marketing. The right partnership can create a wonderful online advertising campaign that manifests itself in high traffic, higher page ranks, and more business. Sticking with the wrong firm, however, can do more damage than good. How do you know when it is time to break up with your search engine optimization company? Read More

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SEO Tips For Website Owners: Running Your Website Like A Library

Library InternetFor new website owners SEO is often a confusing mess of on-site and off-site techniques that can leave them confused, however the truth about the basics of SEO is that they can be easily understood and applied by using the real world example of a library.

Before I provide specific SEO tips picture yourself walking through a library, each section is divided into separate parts, for example there is usually a children’s section, fiction section, periodicals, etc. Also inside that library is an electronic catalog and within those catalogs users can search for books based on titles and categories (tags). If the library your visiting doesn’t have the book you want the catalog will point to other libraries where you can check out materials through inter-library loan.

Now let’s apply the library to website SEO.  Think back to how the library is broken up into sections based on user needs. If you’re running a news website you’ll want to break up sections so users can visit and find right away what they want in terms of subject matter, for example your sections may include: Politics, Sports, Social Media, Health, etc. Those clearly defined sections are not only good for visitors, they help search engines quickly determine what type of content your website offers.

After creating sections you’ll want to tell search engines where to find specific books (articles/posts), the easiest way to accomplish this is through “tags” which are generated on a per article basis. Tags are essential since a general topic like “Politics” could have 500 articles while a user may only want articles about “President Obama.” Search engines use tags to browse through your site and to determine the exact focus of the sites articles.

Next let’s explore inter-library loans, If you’ve searched the card catalog and the “Google SEO” book you need is located two towns over you probably found that information in the catalog, but how did the catalog know where to find it? Because the electronic catalog saw the term “Google SEO” on another library’s catalog. In this analogy you will want to have your articles marked on other sites with the right terms. For example if  a website owner links to your “Google SEO” article inside their own Google based article and they specifically link on the words “Google SEO” they will be automatically creating a reference from their resource to your own. When search engines see specific keywords linked to articles they visit those article and give them more authority.

Now let’s walk through your site like it’s a library. A visitor sees a link on another site with a link to “Google SEO” and they click that link where they discover they are on a clearly defined “SEO” section, they read the article and see tags pointing to more “Google” and “SEO” posts, clicking through to read more articles. Replace the site visitor with a Google bot which follows the same steps, not only does the search bot find the article through off-site linking practices, the bot also sees that your site offers more articles about the same subject, information that is sent back to servers which process all of the Google SEO articles on your site, eventually giving you better ranking for that subject.

A library is a website without a plug, it’s populated with information that quickly allows people to find certain sections and then find specific information within those sections or through other connected libraries in the system. When I give SEO tips I always start by telling users to follow a libraries example for a well rounded SEO setup.

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Blogging Pitfalls: Why You Can’t Stop Promoting

There’s a story told to those in school for advertising about William Wrigley Jr., the owner and founder of Wrigley gum.

According to the story, Wrigley was on a train when another passenger asked him why he continued to spend millions of dollars when everyone knew his product and he had a virtual lock on the market.

Rather than answering the question, Wrigley responded by asking how fast the train was going. When the other passenger said, “About 70 miles per hour,” he shot back with the now-famous quip:

“Well, that’s fast enough, why don’t they unhook the engine?”

Wrigley understood that advertising and promotion was a key to growing his company and it is also key to growing your blog. However, most bloggers only focus on promotion during the earlier days and months of a blog, let it coast to hopeful success later. This can cause growth to slow to a crawl and, in extreme cases, even stop.

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7-Minute SEO Guide –

The concept of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) seems to be getting more and more pushed these days, and while there are issues I have with it, it’s definitely something every blogger should at the VERY least be aware of, and understand the some basic concepts.

That’s where’s post “7-Minute SEO Guide” comes in.

If you’ve got a few minutes (or 7 if you want to be a little more specific…), I highly suggest checking it out. It’s got a lot of great info, and comes in a bite sized format that anyone can quickly get through and end up with a better understanding of what SEO is and how to use it to your blog’s advantage.

Here’s a taste…

1. Structure – the web language used, navigation, and rich media all have an impact on whether the search engines are able to crawl and understand the theme of your web site.

2. Content – search engine spiders are really quite dumb. Your web content needs to match-up with the user’s query or your site won’t be found.

3. Links – the search engines look at the quantity, quality, and relevance of the links pointing to a web site.

It goes into more detail for each of those categories, though it’s still very much a “quick outline” more than a full-on deeply detailed guide to SEO. Thankfully if you want to learn more once you’ve gone through this initial quick-start guide, they link to a couple of EXTREMELY detailed and helpful guides to all aspects of SEO. So if you have some time, and want to learn a heck of a lot about SEO that may well seriously help your site (especially if you happen to be making one of the common SEO mistakes that are easily fixable), I’d suggest checking it out.

It can get a bit complex, but at it’s roots SEO is a fairly simply idea that every blogger should at least have a basic grasp on. Your blog will thank you, in a figurative “get more search engine traffic” kind of way.

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