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How Writers Can Adopt Semantic SEO Strategies

semantic SEO
By now many writers understand that SEO is a great place to find new work and learn new ways of writing. While it isn’t for everyone, many write for companies with SEO in mind while keeping their creative writing on the side. Regardless of how you might define yourself as a writer, it’s safe to say that most understand the idea of semantics. In fact, writers are probably one of the groups out there that understand semantics and the beauty of semantics the best.

This idea is now being brought into the SEO world as a way to make writing and linking within that writing more natural. Google is starting to change its algorithm to detect words around a link as opposed to the word that is the link (also known as the anchor text). This then leads to that simple question: How do semantics really work for SEO, and what strategies are writers going to need to change to adapt? Read More

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