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Top 8 SEO Blogs You Should be Reading

Many bloggers are asked to focus on search engine optimization (SEO) so that an article that the blogger wrote will rank well on a Google results page. As a blogger myself, I know that WordPress often makes it pretty easy to “get through” SEO—there is a space for Meta keywords, a space for tags, and a space for Meta description. Bloggers can easily just fill in these spaces and continue onto the next project.

However, there is actually quite a bit of SEO information available that could really help bloggers. If bloggers really understood SEO, they would better understand:

  • Topics that have the opportunity to rank well on Google. This will help a blogger’s writing gain more exposure.
  • The meaning of Meta data and how Google uses Meta data. Understanding this information will help again improve the SEO and overall visibility of an article.
  • Any changes that are occurring with Google algorithms. These updates often change a website’s approach to content (usually for the better).
  • Bloggers are more marketable if they really understand SEO.

I have found that the easiest way for a blogger to learn more about SEO and stay current in the SEO sphere is by doing what he/she does best—reading different blogs. Below is a list of my favorite SEO blogs (in no particular order) that could really help educate a blogger about the more advanced aspects of SEO:

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