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How to Transition Smoothly from Blogger to SEO Blogger

Although blogging never started as a way to earn backlinks, it has quickly become one of the most popular ways to help improve a website’s ranking on a Google SERP. The idea of guest posting in exchange for backlinks has suddenly given bloggers more choices and a bigger chance to really make a living from blogging. For this reason, more and more bloggers are being recruited to work for companies as full-time writers as a part of the SEO department. The biggest problem: Not all bloggers understand SEO.

There are of course many bloggers who would prefer to blog for fun, but for those who want to make it a profession, SEO is an absolute necessity. This often scares bloggers because SEO isn’t something taught in schools and it isn’t something that traditional writers have ever had to consider. Fortunately, understanding SEO as a writer does not have to be difficult, and for many it can actually be fun.

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How to Target Blog Content

Bio: Eugene Aronsky is an SEO specialist with NetLZ, an SEO services firm in New Jersey.

There are always many criticisms on how one should write a blog for a certain website. Most will probably go to the length of sacrificing their keyword focus just to have a cute, clever and genuinely interesting blog. Even though it is important that we need to keep our blog as clever as possible so as not to bore the reader, we should not forget the opportunity it presents to have your blog raise its commercial value. Here is an approach that you can use to be able to produce a nice and “kick ass” article but the keywords are perfectly in sync. Read More

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