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The Perils of Becoming a Blogging Celebrity

Image of ConferenceIt might seem like a good problem to have. Most bloggers toil in anonymity or near-anonymity, struggling to get their sites read and find more exposure for their works.

However, those few who do “make it” often don’t fare much better. Those who achieve even a small amount of fame online often find that being known can be just as bad, if not worse, as being an unknown.

Even someone, such as myself, who achieves a tiny amount of fame in a very small niche quickly learns that any notoriety comes with a slew of responsibility and, at times, headaches.

So, before you set on the path of trying to become a famous or semi-famous blogger, you may want to take a moment and look at some of the drawbacks and problems that come with it.

Fortunately though, most of those problems can be easily mitigated, but one has to be ready for them in order to stop them from ruining everything they’ve worked on. Read More

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Blogging Pitfalls: Courting Libel

One of the great things about the Internet is that it has enabled almost anyone to become a publisher and reach an audience of millions.

One of the bad things about that is that most people don’t have the understanding of media law to know how to avoid being sued while publishing on the Web.

One of the thornier areas that bloggers have to deal with is defamation law, specifically libel. Much like with copyright law, defamation is a misunderstood set of rules that, in the age of the Internet, can at times seem archaic and confusing but is actually in place for a very good reason.

However, also as with copyright, it’s an easy pitfall for a blogger to fall into, especially if they aren’t aware of the rules. Fortunately though, this is one blogging pitfall that is fairly easy to avoid, but it does require one to put forth some extra effort into their writing to make sure they don’t find themselves on the wrong end of a libel lawsuit.

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