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Battle Plan for the Small Business Blogger

small business blogger

Many small business owners across the United States are stretched thin as far as overhead costs are concerned. Indeed, many folks simply don’t have the means to expand their operation in a manner they would ideally like.

Perhaps they don’t have the resources to mount an aggressive marketing campaign geared towards maximizing exposure, gaining more leads and increasing ROI. But to not have an online marketing presence in this day and age can be particularly detrimental to the livelihood of any small business. And the cornerstone of any good online strategy is blogging. Read More

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The Small Business Blog: 3 Important Factors That Can Impede Success

A blog holds great business potential and an increasing number of small business owners are realizing the value of blogs for building brand establishment and providing increased levels of customer engagement. But creating and running a successful business blog is not simply a matter of setting up some web hosting, using a generic blog template, and throwing in some average content. There will need to be some serious planning, strategy, and resourcefulness in place if a small business ever hopes to provide a blog that will generate measurable results.

A small business blog needs to avoid certain marketing mistakes that could result in instant failure. There are 3 prime errors that many new business blogs fall foul of that leave a blog stranded, starved, and instantly obsolete.

The Business Blog Survival Guide

Here are 3 common mistakes small business blogs need to be careful of… Read More

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