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Get Productive! — Office Productivity Tools

With constant access to the internet—and consequently one’s friends and family—it becomes hard to pull away from it all and focus on one’s work. Everyone does it: “Let me check Facebook for a second,” or “I should check my email in case my [loved one] has an important message for me.” Yet without realizing it, seconds slip into minutes, and minutes become hours. Suddenly, it’s lunch time, and nothing has been accomplished. Don’t let this happen to you (again)!

Failing to manage your time reflects poorly on you as an employee, and repeated time management snafus turn into detrimental work habits. In an ever-connected world, focusing on one task as a time seems impossible. Savvy tech folk (probably fed up with their own bad work habits) have created the following tools to help you overcome distraction and get back to work. Find one that works for you, stick with it, and get more done. Read More

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Forget Photoshop! 3 FREE Photo Editing Programs Every Blogger Should Use

Regardless of whether you blog because of a passion or for profit, no blog post is complete without an image accompanying your post.

While grabbing an image off of Wikipedia or Flickr is can satisfy most bloggers, touching up an image yourself can be much more rewarding, especially if you are the type of blogger who enjoys creating original content.

Although you could always spend hundreds of dollars on a photo editing program (like Adobe Photoshop), it is much wiser (and cheaper) to simply use these free alternatives instead. Read More

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ScribeFire Updates to 3.4

ScribeFire is a great Firefox extension that adds a pile of blogging related features directly into Firefox.

It allows you to create (and edit) posts, set (and create) categories and tags, and generally does most of what you’d want to do when creating a new blog post directly from within Firefox at the click of a button.

Here’s a list of the blogging software and services it supports…

* Blogger
* Drupal
* Livejournal
* MSN/Live Spaces
* TypePad
* WordPress

The newest update fixes a small handful of bugs and adds a few features, such as support for custom post slugs for WordPress and the ability to export/import blog settings to and from other installations of ScribeFire, making it easy to setup multiple blogs on more than one computer.

One thing it’s still missing that I would really love to see in a future update is the ability to set the “parent” for a page in WordPress. It allows you to create pages, but if you want to set it’s parent you still have to go into the WordPress admin panel.

Still, it’s a great tool with enough features that most people probably would hardly ever need to use the built-in post editor for their blog again.

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WordPress Releases App for iPhone

iPhone for WordPress

WordPress has recently released an open source app for managing WordPress-powered blogs via the iPhone. Dubbed WordPress for iPhone, the application can manage both blogs and self-hosted WP blogs.

Introducing the first Open Source app that lets you write posts, upload photos, and edit your WordPress blog from your iPhone or iPod Touch. With support for both and self-hosted WordPress (2.5.1 or higher), users of all experience levels can get going in seconds.

I don’t have an iPhone, so I cannot check it out for myself, though. Has anyone tried this new app? I use a Nokia E51 running Symbian Series 60 version 3. While there are various standalone applications that I can use to manage my WordPress-powered blogs, I usually prefer to just open the admin panel using the built-in browser. Somehow I feel it’s faster that way. I wonder which gives the better user experience in managing blogs–the WP app, or the iPhone’s built in Safari browser.

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Widgenie: Helping Bloggers Visualize Data

LogiXML has recently launched Widgenie, a web app that lets users upload data from spreadsheets, CSV files, or Google Docs (among other sources), play around with them on a GUI and then output the results thru by embedding on blogs and social media apps.

Widgenie empowers everyone, from bloggers to business people, to quickly visualize data and share it in many different ways. Now you can publish data in the places you already know and love, places like iGoogle, Facebook, WordPress, and even your own website. We combine all the power of an enterprise-level business intelligence platform and provide it in a convenient Web 2.0 widget.

While most bloggers won’t probably be needing to present any data visually, I think this would be useful for presenting survey results, traffic stats, trends, and the like. Business or corporate bloggers would perhaps find Widgenie a useful tool in sharing data with colleagues and/or readers in a visually appealing presentation.

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