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Kill Blog Comment Spam in 5 Easy Steps

An easy way to ruin the visitor experience on your blog is by allowing the comments sections of your posts to get cluttered with spam comments, which do nothing to add to the conversation and typically include links to useless, irrelevant or spam pages.  Fortunately, you can fight back against blog comment spam!

Depending on the blogging application you use, you can configure your blog settings to fight blog comment spam in one or more of the ways listed below:

1. Identify the suspects.

Prepare yourself for the fight by learning to recognize blog comments that are likely to be spam.  Examples include:

  • Comments that are written with unrecognizable characters or a meaningless jumble of words and letters.
  • Comments that include little more than a list of links.
  • Comments that include URLs in either the comment, itself, or the URL box of the comment submission form, which are completely unrelated to your blog or the comment.  For example, a comment that includes a link to a site to purchase a prescription drug or pornography.
  • Comments that say too little or too much.  For example, spam comments often say little more than “good post” or they might be overly complimentary without adding any value to the conversation.  If you come across posts like this, check the links included in the comment or comment submission form to see where they lead. Read More

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