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How To Decide Which Platform To Use For Your Blog [Checklist]

How To Decide Which Platform To Use For Your Blog [Checklist]

When building a blog, it is important to take time to choose the best and most appropriate blog platform for your needs. If you do a quick search on the different types of platforms, you’ll see that WordPress is highly regarded by blog owners due to a variety of reasons.

However, if you want to make an informed decision to the type of platform to use for your blog and not because of what is believed to the best, then read on.

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Web-Based Blog Publishing With Squarespace

I’ve been a Squarespace fan since 2007.  And before you jump on me and start singing the praises of that other Web-based blog platform, all I’m asking for is a chance.  I want to show you how I built a successful blog with Squarespace, and that sometimes, paying a few dollars is worth the convenience.

What got me started was the no-risk trial that allowed me to set up a blog without shelling out a single penny – not even a credit card number.  It’s a great business strategy, because after tweaking your blog to look the way you’d like, why bother going elsewhere? Well done, Squarespace! But all kidding aside, any company that allows you take a product for a full test drive without any commitment, clearly believes in its goods.

What sets Squarespace apart is that it’s so simple, that even your grandmother can start that crocheting website she’s always talking about!  And if you feel so inclined, you can dive into the CSS and customize as many elements as you like.  That’s the beauty of Squarespace, it’s the perfect solution for people at all tech levels. Read More

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Squarespace Mimicking Tumblr?

Squarespace (a premium CMS service used by thousands of bloggers) is preparing to launch their long awaited revolutionary platform which they’ve dubbed as V6 (which is short for Version 6).

While the company did reveal that Squarespace’s new features that will “power tomorrow’s web,” their CEO did hint V6 will embrace the Tumblog craze (which has already infected Typepad, LiveJournal and Read More

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Is Android 2.1 Polished Enough For A Squarespace App?

After surviving Apple’s draconian app approval process last year, Squarespace was finally able to launch an official iPhone app for their users.

While the company is already making plans on unleashing the next update for the iPhone app (which will include comment moderation–just like their rival WordPress), the company is currently taking a “wait and see” approach when it comes to Android–despite the demand.

(Jeff from Squarespace) To those asking: We do not have plans for an Android app at this time — we’re waiting until the platform is a bit more polished before we jump in. Perhaps a bit later in 2010.

Jeff made these comments in December before Google launched Android 2.1 within the Nexus One.

Hopefully the Squarespace team reconsiders embracing Android sooner, as “Droid lovers” currently have no way to natively blog upon their various Google phones–not even via third party apps.

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I Love Squarespace! But I Love Their iPhone App Even More

Squarespace has done a phenominal job in creating an official iPhone app for their users, one which may make Blogger guru’s and WordPress disciples jealous.

While it supports the basics of iBlogging (photo uploading, categories & tags, drafts, editing previous posts, etc.), the Squarespace app also boasts a few extra notable features that make it shine against it’s rival blogging apps. Read More

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