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Who Are You Writing For? The Fine Line of SEO Content

To someone with little or no knowledge of the SEO and internet marketing industries this might seem like a no-brainer. Writing is for humans right? Hasn’t it been that way since we started making marks on cave walls?

With the amount of reader focused writing in circulation today (letters, emails, memos, magazines etc) it can be easy to assume that web content is written with the same purpose in mind.

However, in a bizarre, I, Robot-esque twist; many writers are now gearing their content almost solely toward keyword hungry machines; the all powerful search engines whose attention every internet marketer so desperately craves.

So who should you write for?

The answer – that you should write for both search engines and human readers – may seem fairly obvious, but sadly it’s much easier written than done. The very first thing we must understand is not who we’re writing for, but why we’re writing.

It’s fair to say that many professional bloggers, content writers, article marketers, press release authors and blog commentators write with the sole purpose of improving their search engine rankings. Read More

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