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The Content You’ll Find on Every Successful Site

A website or blog needs to have a content strategy that would cover the bases and help it succeed. You have heard that content is king, but remember that throughout history, we all have seen bad kings alongside great ones.

What kind of content should you have on your site to make sure you succeed?  Here are four: Read More

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Achieve Blogging Success – Tips To Fight The Deadly Disease Of Procrastination

Fighting Procrastination in BloggingThere are many habits and practices that affect our abilities to truly succeed in blogging. For many of our bad habits, we are not aware of them until someone points them out to us or we see others complain about them. Thus it is very important that we are aware of all that we are doing by conducting some critical self analysis.

Truly successful blogging requires the same effort as would any other goal or vision; and many of us are experiencing failure because we allow bad habits to creep in and take over. One of the deadliest habits we could ever allow and become complacent with is procrastination. Continuously putting off those great post, product or service  ideas for later will inevitably cripple your blogging efforts.

Here are some highly effective tips for defeating this deadly disease to help you experience ultimate blogging success. Read More

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Are You Hitting The Mark? 4 Ways to Measure Blogging Success

How can we not be obsessed with numbers?
Though blogging “gurus” assure us that statistics are not the only barometer to measure success, they do indeed tell a story.

After all, to not be “stoked” about stats contradicts our very way of life.
Numbers have always had significance in our culture and society.

Think about it.
Everybody knows that a woman who’s rated a “10” is considered pretty hot stuff.
While Friday the “13th” is considered unlucky.
When we want to keep people in the know, we give them the “4-1-1.”

I.Q. numbers are said to reflect our intellect,and we have 9-digit S.S. #s
to uniquely identify us.

Even the number of “tweets” now defines the elite.
Let’s not kid ourselves; numbers count. Read More

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Sunday Morning SEO: Learn From Your Successes

I’m a big fan of learning from successes. A general piece of advice in many fields including blogging is that you can learn a lot from failures, but I think examining the things that have worked is a much better use of your time. Failures just teach you what not to do, but then you’re still stuck on the next step. After a failure, how do know if your next idea will work?

But successes are different. By nature, they give you much more insight in the things you need to be doing.

Also, analyzing your successes and focusing on them often brings a renewed sense of hope and motivation. You become more motivated because you won’t have to do something that’s totally new. Change is hard for us humans. Trying new things can be intimidating since we’re unsure if they will succeed.

But if we examine something we done ourselves that was successful, we’ll be more than willing to do it again. And we become more hopeful, because we’ve actually already done the task. We don’t have to worry whether or not we have the ability to do it.
Read More

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