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Who’s Blogging? Just the Facts Ma’am

This month, Sysomos released a new report based on an analysis of over 100 million blog posts.  The report provides updated data about the demographics of bloggers around the world.  Check out some of the stats below:

  • Blogging is equally popular among both men and women with 50.9% of bloggers being female and 49.1% being male.
  • The majority of bloggers are between the ages of 21 and 35.  Specifically, 20.2% are under 21, 53.3% are between 21-35, 19.4% are between 36-50, and 7.1% are 51 or older.
  • The United States has the largest share of bloggers with 29.22% of bloggers coming from the U.S.  You can see a more detailed breakdown in the chart below.
  • California is the Blogging State with 14.1% of bloggers.  That’s nearly double the next closest state, New York, which has 7.16% of bloggers.  You can see more details in the chart below. Read More

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