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Ways To Customize A WordPress Theme

A screenshot of the default WordPress theme.

WordPress has rapidly become one of the most popular content management systems on the web. This has a number of advantages for users – the main one being rapid development of both the core platform and additional themes and plugins – but also means many sites end up looking the same. Customizing a WordPress theme can be an easy way to make your site stand out. There are a number of methods for theme customization, with some requiring little or no knowledge of programming. Here are four of the most popular methods. Read More

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5 Tips and 5 Tools to Improve Your WordPress Error Page

Nicole Scherzinger - Right There

No website actually wants to offer its visitors a 404 page. After all, it means that there is an error and a page cannot be reached. It looks unprofessional, it is a hassle for the site owner to fix and is an annoyance for visitors that might lead to them not returning.

Unfortunately, there is no way to really prevent it from ever happening. Errors occur, URLs are typed incorrectly or links become broken or outdated. Sometimes there is an issue with the server that will take time to fix. It is just a part of having an Internet site that cannot be avoided.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do everything you can to improve both your frequency of 404 page necessity and the page itself. Here are five tips on how to improve your WordPress error page as well as five tools to keep your visitors from encountering them as often. Read More

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3 Potent Blogging Tools to Build Your Rank

I don’t know if you ever thought about it but the most potent factor in any business is time.  No matter what your field of endeavor, it takes time to do the tasks associated with making it a success. Since time comes in the same quantity to everyone, how you utilize your time is of the utmost importance in growing a business or building a satisfying life.

In blogging or any other business, productive time equals success whereas wasted time equals lost revenue.  But you must find a balance between doing the work necessary to build a business and still have time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  If you spend all your time building your business so you will have the resources to enjoy life, what have you accomplished if you don’t have time left to enjoy it?  

So with that in mind, this article is written to share some tools of the trade which will help you be a more successful blogger by organizing your work time so you achieve more in less time. Read More

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Warning: Hit and Run Traffic Likely to Cause Severe Blog Damage

This is a guest entry by Jonathan Beebe is an online entrepreneur and writes at MMO Work.

One day, a man—let’s call him Jack—was having a nice relaxing day at home, away from the office. Suddenly, he remembers that he wanted to look up this interesting thing he’d overheard one of his co-workers talking about earlier on that week. It was a strange word, “blogging”, which didn’t tell Jack a whole lot in itself, so he decided it was time to “Google it” and off to the computer he was.

Jack types his search in and scrolls down the listings a little until he finds one that seemed to just “call out” to him. Lo and behold, it was YOUR blog that he found! He took the time to read your entire article, learned a lot, but was craving more—needless to say, his interest was officially peaked and you’ve done your job perfectly thus far.

But then, just as Jack was getting ready to click on one of the “Related Articles” at the bottom of the page, his cellphone rings. He see’s it’s from work and immediately answers. As it turns out, Jack is needed at an important meeting that just came up. He then shuts everything down, gets himself ready, and heads off to his “surprise” work day. Read More

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Sunday Morning SEO: Using The SEO Toolbar to Evaluate a Site’s Authority

The SEO Toolbar is easily one of my favorite tools. Franky makes a great point that the best SEO tip is simply create great content. But once you’re creating quality posts on a regular basis, you can boost your rankings by intentionally getting links from authoritative sites. This tactic is especially useful for blogs that don’t have a lot of traffic and subscribers. These blogs can get stuck with poor rankings because they don’t have the big audience that generates natural links.

The SEO Toolbar allows you to quickly tell how much link authority a site has. The more link authority, the more benefit you’ll get from their link.

To use this tool, you’ll first have to download the free Firefox browser since it’s a Firefox add-on. (Firefox should be your browser anyways. It’s more stable and secure than IE and it doesn’t have the privacy issue of Google’s Chrome.)

After you install the program, you’ll see the toolbar at the top of Firefox. Every time you surf to a new new page, you get SEO stats for the page and domain you’re visiting.

Read More

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Widgenie: Helping Bloggers Visualize Data

LogiXML has recently launched Widgenie, a web app that lets users upload data from spreadsheets, CSV files, or Google Docs (among other sources), play around with them on a GUI and then output the results thru by embedding on blogs and social media apps.

Widgenie empowers everyone, from bloggers to business people, to quickly visualize data and share it in many different ways. Now you can publish data in the places you already know and love, places like iGoogle, Facebook, WordPress, and even your own website. We combine all the power of an enterprise-level business intelligence platform and provide it in a convenient Web 2.0 widget.

While most bloggers won’t probably be needing to present any data visually, I think this would be useful for presenting survey results, traffic stats, trends, and the like. Business or corporate bloggers would perhaps find Widgenie a useful tool in sharing data with colleagues and/or readers in a visually appealing presentation.

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