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How to Attract Influencers to Your Blog

There are many theories as to what makes a blog successful. Creative writers will tell you that content is king. Graphic artists will swear that it’s the blog’s design that sets it apart. Technical experts will swear that a using a combination of the best hosting services and unique coding will really make your blog stand out. But unfortunately, even if you’re an excellent writer or a technical genius, you may still feel as though you’re writing in a vacuum. But frustrating as this may be, it doesn’t mean that your blog will be eternally relegated to the bottom of the blogosphere. With a bit of strategizing and effort you can tip the scales so that instead of getting lost in cyberspace your great content will find its way to influencers who can share it with a wider audience.

Identifying Great Influencers
It may sound obvious, but the first step to take when identifying influencers that will share your content is to look for influencers in your niche. While it’s always nice to have fans in other niches, the people that will really be able to share your content with an interested audience are those who serve your niche or a parallel niche. Read More

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