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Tumblr Users Upset About Dashboard Change?

It looks like the mighty Tumblr has decided to spice up their dashboard a bit in order to make it easier for fans to use.

Or at least that was their intention as apparently users are voicing their complaints upon Tumblr as well as Twitter regarding the change.

While yours truly loves the new interface (as it makes it easier to switch between different blogs), many users are upset that the new default dashboard does not display how many followers one has as well as hiding the messages inbox (among other things).

Note: You can see follower counts, as well as most of the information from the previous dashboard by selecting the specific blog’s dashboard.

Although Tumblr’s change seems suited to making the service even easier to use, they also seems to be promoting their Explore feature by placing it in a prominent spot upon the sidebar (a strategy that seems to geared to helping new comers find new blogs to follow).

For those of you who are fans of Tumblr, what are your thoughts regarding the latest changes? Also, what would you add to the current dashboard on Tumblr if you could?

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Tumblr Flys Past 20 Million Blogs

It’s been only 15 days Tumblr sprinted past 19 million blogs, and now the micro blogging service is now hosting over 20 million blogs upon their servers.

Tumblr’s latest feat puts the service within striking distance of, who recently passed the 20 million blog milestone last month. Read More

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Tumblr Gives Music Lovers Another Reason To Switch

Although there are plenty of options available for music lovers when it comes to choosing a blog service or software, it looks like Tumblr may have edged out rivals with their latest partnership.

[W]e’re so excited to finally announce that we’ve hooked up with SoundCloud to bring their network of sound (music, podcasts, standup, journalism, and pretty much anything audible) to Tumblr.

Not only can you cut-and-paste any SoundCloud track URL into your Audio posts, now you can search SoundCloud from the comfort of Tumblr! (Tumblr Staff Blog) Read More

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Tumblr Embraces Spotlight (Plus: No Love For Android?)

Taking a cue from Twitter, Tumblr has launched a feature allowing their rapidly growing user base to find interesting Tumblogs that catch their eye.

We’re always amazed by the breadth and creativity we find on Tumblr, and we’re always looking for better ways for you to showcase your talents and other interesting blogs. With the new Spotlight, we’ve set aside a special place to highlight a few of these blogs that truly inspire us. (Tumblr Staff Blog)

Tumblr is in the process of adding more categories (which users strongly voiced in the reblog section), as well as expanding Spotlight to cater to users beyond the English language. Read More

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Tumblr Sprints Past 19 Million Blogs, Enters Second Wind

It was only two weeks ago that Tumblr crossed the 18 million blog milestone, and now the micro blogging service is already hosting 19 million plus blogs!

To put things into perspective, it took Tumblr about 2 months to grow from 15 million blogs to 18 million (which is about 1.5 million additional blogs per month), although now it seems like the site is on track to add over 2 million sites per month!

Tumblr also seems to be branching out beyond the “tween girl” demographics, with Quantcast reporting that there are more guys using the service than girls.

With more businesses, government agencies, and celebrities using the service, it may only be a matter of time before Tumblr surpasses not only (who just passed 20 million sites), but challenges Blogger for the gold.

For those of you who use Tumblr (or have used it), why do you think the service is growing faster than rival platforms? Also do you think Tumblr could dethrone Blogger as the number one blogging platform in the world?

Hat Tip: Technorati for the demographics info.

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Squarespace Mimicking Tumblr?

Squarespace (a premium CMS service used by thousands of bloggers) is preparing to launch their long awaited revolutionary platform which they’ve dubbed as V6 (which is short for Version 6).

While the company did reveal that Squarespace’s new features that will “power tomorrow’s web,” their CEO did hint V6 will embrace the Tumblog craze (which has already infected Typepad, LiveJournal and Read More

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Tumblr’s Share Button (And Why Your Blog Needs It)

Taking a cue from Facebook and Twitter, Tumblr recently launched their official share button to the world, which may appeal to bloggers who prefer not to partake of the Tumblr frenzy.

The Tumblr Button can give you complete control over how your content appears when shared on Tumblr. Not only does this mean specifying an excerpt or summary, but also deciding whether it appears as a Link, Quote, Photo, or Video Embed.

Even better: This can be deeply integrated with just about any publishing platform to add contextual buttons next to things like paragraphs or photos. (Tumblr Staff Blog)

The ability for Tumblr’s to control how they share content upon their sites is huge, especially when dealing with the limited sharing options presented by Twitter or even Facebook (the latter which at least provides thumbnails).

While the button might be a huge win for the micro blogging site as well as the Tumblr tribe, bloggers upon other platforms should consider adding the button for the following reasons. Read More

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Tumblr Domination Continues (Now 18 Million Strong)

Tumblr has just passed the 18 million blog marker, which is phenomenal seeing as the company only boasted 15 million sites in March.

For comparison’s sake (the most popular blogging service after Google’s Blogger) passed the 18 million mark in March, and currently boasts 19.7 million blogs as of this post.

According to Quantcast, Tumblr’s ranking is officially at 34 (out of the top 1 million sites), having climbed up 6 spots in just two weeks!

Despite Tumblr’s limitations (i.e. one image, video or audio per post) people, businesses and even government agencies are flocking towards the platform who seems to have perfected the “art of blogging” (or at the very least micro blogging).

Although several notable platforms have mimicked Tumblr’s post format features over the years, very few blogging services (if any) have witnessed Tumblr’s incredible growth.

For those of you who use Tumblr to power their personal or professional sites (or who have at the very least tried out Tumblr), why do you think users are flocking upon the micro blogging service?

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Love Tumblr Themes? 3 Questions To Ask Before Installing One

Regardless of whether you use Tumblr for professional or personal reasons (or even to compliment your existing blog), choosing a Tumblr theme can determine whether or not anyone reads your blog beyond the dashboard.

Tumblr currently boasts over 700 themes, with thousands more existing outside of Tumblr’s theme garden.

Regardless of whether you purchase a premium theme or install a free Tumblr layout, here are a few tips you should follow before selecting a Tumblr theme. Read More

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Quantcast: Tumblr Is Greater Than AT&T

It looks like Tumblr has achieved another milestone as of late, as the micro blogging site is now a top 40 player according to Quantcast, just one spot above the US telecom giant known as AT&T.

In November of 2009, Tumblr stumbled past the top 100 sites and approximately 8 months later they broke through the top 50 sites (and as a bonus stealing the bronze away from Typepad).

Although Tumblr’s unique visitors pale in comparison to rivals like and Blogger, respectively, Tumblr’s users seem far more engaged on the site when one looks at their page views (note: since Blogger isn’t quantified, Quantcast can only estimate their size).

Currently Tumblr hosts over17.2 million blogs, which is incredible considering that the service only boasted 15 million sites in March (which is about 2 million additional blogs in less than 40 days).

With the micro blogging site showing no signs of slowing down, it will be interesting to see if Tumblr is able to catch up, the latter who currently hosts about 19.4 million blogs (up from 18 million last March).

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