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Tumblr Launches Blackberry App (But None For Android Lovers?)

It looks as if my Blackberry friends can finally stop drooling over my iPhone now that Tumblr has launched an official app for Blackberry smartphones.

The app was built by Mobelux, the same company who created the official Tumblr iPhone app (which was previously known as Tumblrette).

Just like its iSibling, the Blackberry Tumblr app can upload images, text and audio, as well as video too (which might explain why Tumblr increased the video size for Tumblr fans everywhere).

Tumblr has yet to be listed upon Blackberry App World (as a quick search reveals), although “BB fans” can download the app over here.

While it’s great to see Tumblr embracing both the iPhone and Blackberry platforms, hopefully they will consider launching an Android app soon (as the only decent app available is Tumblroid, which will leave one $1.55 poorer).

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Tumblr Ups The Ante With 100 MB Video Uploads (No Trans-coding Needed)

Tumblr, a service that blurs the line between microblogging and a full featured weblog has just raised the video uploading limit to 100 MB.

While this might not seem like anything spectacular (after all YouTube is 20 time larger with 2 GB), Tumblr fans will be able to broadcast their videos immediately without dealing with the hassles of transcoding.

(Tumblr Staff) Over the next few hours, we’ll be rolling out crazy simple native video uploading to all accounts. This is designed to be an easy alternative to full-blown video sites when all you want to do is post a quick video to your blog. […]

Tumblr will immediately post most H.264-MP4-AAC videos without transcoding! That means no waiting and no quality loss. Photo Booth videos and iMovie’s “Export to iPod/iPhone” work great.

Tumblr still limits users to the “5 minuet rule” when it comes to video uploading, although hopefully that will change once they unleash the rumored premium features.

Despite its simplistic approach to blogging, Tumblr is quickly turning into a full fledged blogging platform, whose previous additions of pages and comments could make it a strong contender against both Blogger and WordPress (especially for bloggers looking to save some money during this recession).

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ProBlogging On The Cheap (For Under $25 A Year)

With millions out of work throughout the world, many people (with extra time on their hands) are looking for extra ways to generate income by pursuing hobbies that they love.

For some that includes blogging, which might explain many of the “how do I start a blog” questions that I  receive, as well as all the costs associated with starting one (at least for those who choose to self host their own content).

While there are many excellent blog platforms out there that do not require a person to have a server, for some the price range might be beyond their budget (especially those with monthly plans).

After scouring the internet for more hours than I care to admit, here are four blogging platforms for aspiring probloggers that cost less than $25 a year. Read More

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