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How To Decide Which Platform To Use For Your Blog [Checklist]

How To Decide Which Platform To Use For Your Blog [Checklist]

When building a blog, it is important to take time to choose the best and most appropriate blog platform for your needs. If you do a quick search on the different types of platforms, you’ll see that WordPress is highly regarded by blog owners due to a variety of reasons.

However, if you want to make an informed decision to the type of platform to use for your blog and not because of what is believed to the best, then read on.

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Blogging Pitfalls: Why You Can’t Hop From Platform to Platform

Image of Train PlatformBloggers love to argue about what is the best blogging platform. Whether they’re backers of WordPress, BlogSpot, Tumblr, Posterous, MovableType or a custom solution, there are very good bloggers who are strong believers in all of the major tools.

The simple truth is that every blogging platform is a perfectly fine way to run your blog. They all succeed in doing the major task of putting your words, images, etc. online. While they have different features, strengths and weaknesses, you can easily run a good blog with just about any platform you choose.

Unfortunately though, blogging platforms tend to become flavors of the week. As one company or platform draws a lot of attention, many bloggers are tempted to try and ride the wave and move their site to new platforms in a bid to stay on the bleeding edge.

However, this can be catastrophic for a site. Because, while your blogging platform doesn’t determine how good your site is, it does impact your site in other ways. As such, changing platforms, especially doing so routinely, can create serious problems that even a good blog will struggle to overcome.

So, before you chase the latest blogging platform fad, you may want to understand the implications of moving your site and why you might want to think twice before jumping ship. Read More

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Typepad Embracing Private Blogging?

It looks like Typepad (a blogging service by Say Media) is finally allowing bloggers to speak their mind without revealing their thoughts to the entire world.

When you enable password protection, only those people that you supply the username and password to will be able to view your blog. Everyone else will get a prompt to enter the username and password and, if they don’t know it, won’t be able to view the blog.

You can choose to password protect only specific blogs and Photo Albums or you can password protect your entire account. (Everything Typepad) Read More

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How Typepad Can Get Their Groove Back

Despite being dethroned by Tumblr (not to mention surviving a merger), Typepad is still a popular option for many bloggers despite the entrance fee.

While it might be too late for the platform to challenge WordPress and Blogger, there are a few things Say Media can do to revive Typepad in order to maintain their current position as a premium blogging service. Read More

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Tumblr topples Typepad

Today is a sad day for Six Apart, who was unable to slow down Tumblr’s rise against Typepad, despite copying the former’s reblogging feature in 2009.

According to Quantcast, Tumblr is now receiving 10.7 million uniques when compared against Typepad’s 10.6 million stateside, although the gap between the two services expands once you include international users. Read More

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Typepad ‘Receives’ Facebook Like Button, WordPress Has a Plugin Only Some Hours Later

Yesterday at Facebook’s developer conference (aka f8 conference), CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg revealed to the world the glorious “like button.”

Zuckerberg claims that by the end of today, users will serve over 1 billion likes across the world wide web, making the Facebook like button a “must have” social button for serious bloggers.

To my surprise Facebook chose to launch this new feature upon Typepad, all the while ignoring one of the world’s most popular blogging platform, WordPress.

Of course it didn’t take long before the community it’s Facebook Like button received in the form of a plugin by Noah Fleming. Read More

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Six Apart To iPhone: iGive Up? (Typepad) Update: Typepad App Is Alive And Well

I seriously hope I am wrong about this, but it looks as if Six Apart, which was one of the first major companies to launch an iPhone blog app (for Typepad nonetheless) may have abandoned their app.

Users have been complaining about errors logging into their Typepad blogs via iPhone for quite some time (which I confirmed after trying to log into my blog and receiving the error to the right).

While users can still access their Typepad blogs via BlogPress, CellSpin and Shozu, it’s sad to see Six Apart (seemingly) abandon their native iPhone app (although to their credit they still support the web interface over at

Hopefully Six Apart will reconsider continuing support for the native app (or committing serious resources towards it), as their absence leaves the field wide open for WordPress and Squarespace (not to mention a host of third party apps).

Update: Colleen brings the good news that the Typepad iPhone App is alive and well, with Twitter integration as well!

For those unable to login, try reinstalling the app (as that resolved my problem).

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What features do you want to appear on TypePad in 2010?


2009 has been a very great year for TypePad. The developers have worked really hard in making the TypePad experience better. Some of the best features they’ve released so far are listed below:

Now that the year is almost at an end, the developers are once again asking the community: What new features do you want to see on TypePad for next year?

If you’re a TypePad user who has something in mind that could improve the platform, then go ahead and leave your comment on their blog by going here. Who knows, your idea might get picked and appear on the next update of TypePad!

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TypePad iPhone App: What’s Up With All The Hate?

Hate! Loathe! Whine! Spit!

That’s the first impression I received after browsing through the reviews of Six Apart’s iPhone App on iTunes.

While many were upset that a TypePad account would cost them 495 pennies a month, others seemed upset that this app would not work on Movable Type (or even Vox) despite the obvious indication that this is a TypePad only app. Read More

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