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How To Kill Your Blog Using Video Based Content

Video BlogFirst it was strong written content, then it was killer podcasts and now it’s video. The web and specifically blogging is still in an infancy period and for that reason bloggers tend to jump from one type of medium to another in terms of how they present their content to readers.

The truth is while video is great for supplementing a post and podcasts can be taken on the road and to various other locations there’s still no substitute for the written word.

Using video as part of your content creation won’t kill your blog, however if utilized incorrectly video can become an annoying hindrance that drivers users away. Let’s take a look at several ways video can kill your blog. Read More

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The History of Online Video

One of the topics we barely or not cover at all here at BloggingPro certainly is online video, pod- and screencasting, even though online video doesn’t stop to continue growing and nowadays an amazing 69% of internet users already watch or download videos online.

The Infographiclabs crew created another amazing infographic, this time on request of Techsmith, the creators of the excellent Camtasia screencasting software. The infographic analyses the emergence of online video over the last 5 years. Below a partial infographic, hop over to the Blog Herald to view the complete history of online video graphic.

Read More

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Seven (7) Must Have iPhone Apps For Video Bloggers

Five years ago if someone told me that we would be editing images on our cell phones and uploading them to our blogs just as easily as a laptop (or desktop), I probably would have laughed in their face.

Flash forward towards today and here I am now amazed that I am able to edit video (yes video!) at a fraction of the price I would have paid to place upon my laptop.

While the video editing apps are still in their infancy (at least upon the iPhone), here are seven of the best video apps that every video blogger blessed with the iDevice should own (plus a video of my ugly mug to help demonstrate their power). Read More

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Tags: , , , – “How To” Video Collection is growing like mad lately, especially the “how to” section. They’ve got video explanations of all sorts of stuff from getting started with Google Analytics, to rearranging the post editor to suit your liking, to adding paypal buttons to your blog, and, of course, a pile of other stuff.

Just today they added a video about adding twitter updates to your sidebar, which is an insanely popular thing to do these days. Check it out below, and go to for more.

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