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Sever Overload? Why You Might Need to Upgrade Your Web Host

Believe it or not, that dreadful little message is actually a sign that your blog is doing well. If you’re holding a contest or featuring content that earns your blog a lot of page views, there is a good chance that your web host will not be able to handle the excess traffic. For this reason, it is important to plan for these big events and make sure that your server does not quit on you just when you need it the most. Your contest could be giving you great visibility, but that can all end with that little message so many bloggers have cried over:

The requested resource is temporarily unavailable due to high demand on the server

Please try this address again at a later date.

Further assistance

Please contact us if you require further assistance with your request.

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Blogging Pitfalls: Unlimited Hosting

It’s a promise we’ve all heard before. Web hosting companies all over are offering “unlimited” hosting for mere dollars per month.

On the surface, it seems like a great deal. For a low monthly price you get to stop worrying about bandwidth and server space caps and focus on running your site. You can host as many domains, get as much traffic and store as many files as you want.

However, unlimited hosting is much more myth than reality. It just means that the host doesn’t place “hard” caps on storage and transfer and instead has replaced it with soft ones that could come back to bite you at almost any time.

Fortunately, it is a relatively avoidable pitfall if one is willing to be realistic about the limitations of such hosting and take precautions to avoid abusing it.

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