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14 Signs You’re Not Ready to Blog


Blogging is easy, you can make millions, and if Perez Hilton can do it you can too, right? Not necessarily. It’s actually just about as easy to make millions blogging as it is to make millions do anything other type of entrepreneurial pursuit. While some people rely on their expertise, others on their sheer writing skills, and still others on their charisma and personality to create successful blogs, those are the lucky few. For most, they’re fortunate if they can create a blog that drums up any revenue at all.

However, if you dream of having your own blog, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions to address first. Remember than an abandoned blog is worse than a non-existent one, so make sure you’re ready before you pick your WordPress theme. Here are the biggest signs you’re not ready to blog and how you can address them: Read More

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4 Reasons You May Be Better Off Working From Home

When I graduated college, I thought that having a Masters degree would be great, it would open up all sorts of doors for me and I would be rushing up the corporate ladder before I knew it. It turns out that the ‘real world’ had different ideas for me. I cannot tell you how many times I heard “wow this resume is really impressive” only to be told that I did not have the experience required. Instead of constantly hearing “no” on every job I applied for, I decided to create my own job and you can as well. Read More

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