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Company Name News For Shoppers
Location USA, **
Date Posted 01, Tuesday 2014
Category Blogger
Listing Type Monthly Rate


News For Shoppers is an approved Google News and Bing News source that offers our contributors a 70% revenue share using Google AdSense.

We could really use an expert movie blogger...

I'm talking someone who goes to new and popular movies early and regularly.

Someone who knows theaters, theater rewards programs, premiere times, specials and pricing.

Someone who follows movie sites, has movie studios on their social network feeds, receives consumer alerts from the studios sites, and preferably is active in new movie forums.

We - aren't - looking for a blogger that will review old movies or will write about movies no one has ever heard of. Ugh.

We need stories about the latest or soon to be blockbuster movies - reviews, predictions, updates on release dates and special premieres, special promotions, contests, the latest buzz about new and unreleased movies, new trailers, previews, and more.

If this is you, come read all about our writing program at:

I can't wait to hear from you!

PS - I should add: good grammar and an attention to detail is a must. Quality writing is essential!

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