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Company Name Verity Content
Location United States, **
Date Posted 09, Thursday 2013
Category Blogger
Listing Type Monthly Rate


Our immediate need is for a high-level writer to join the Verity Content team for writing blog posts and web site content for our dynamic roster of clients. Each post is between 300 and 500 words.

- are fast, accurate and meet deadlines in advance.
- create tight, audience-focused blog and/or web content
- are dedicated to providing value through your content

You also:
- Prefer Hemingway over Fitzgerald
- Spoke English at least 50% of the time the first seven years of your life
- Smile when people use the words snarky and pithy to describe you
- Understand the difference between active and passive voice
- Are on a first-name basis with bullet points and numbered lists
- Know Why Cosmo and the New York Post are the two most influential publications for blog writers/content writers today.

Be as creative, geeky and introspective as you like; with a healthy dose of curiosity to boot. Note: Speed and attention to detail doesn't hurt either. If you are the embodiment of erudite, you can hang out with us.

Who we are:
We are the top communications company in the world for people, causes and corporations looking to create, enhance and leverage their voice.

What do we stand for:
· integrity, respect and honesty in communications.
· acceptance and a willingness to learn and understand.
· knowing each person’s “why.”

Meaning, what inspires them, who inspires them and what’s important to them, what causes them to make the choices they make, choose the paths they’ve taken and where they want to go.

Why do we do what we do:
We do what we do because someone’s voice, someone’s true voice is a path to freedom, internal freedom.

How To Apply

Here's your invitation:
1. Take this article and

2. use it to create a 300 to 500 word blog post that is similar in structure to this one:
Apply for this position now!
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