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Location Anywhere, United Kingdom
Date Posted 09, Friday 2014
Category Blogger
Listing Type Word Based


First, I've got to apologise for the fact that the company website is still under development. The fact is, I have quite a bit of work already and would like to have a few more writers on hand.

I could really use some Aussie writers and at the moment, I need someone for a plastic surgery blog. People with knowledge of regulatory and legal issues are welcome, too.

Right now, I can offer ghostwriting work that's fairly steady, but not necessarily secure, long-term. You will be a self-employed subcontractor, responsible for your own taxes. I connect writers with business blogs, and my writers generally take responsibility for between two and ten blog posts a week. I prefer writers who have time for at least four. I will add work gradually as it becomes available and as I find good matches. The pay is 2.5 pence a word, which is between 4.5¢ and 5¢ US/AU/CA.

Blog writing or content writing experience is generally a good thing, but this isn't a content farm. Your posts have to be factually correct, logically consistent and well written. I do the final edit on every post, but you've got to do a good job self-editing, too. You need to be a smart person who's good at research, can learn fast and has a basic grasp of content marketing, as well as solid writing skills.

I never ask for free work and I pay dependably and on a regular schedule. I expect my writers to hand in consistently high quality articles on time and let me know in advance if they're going to need a substitute.

How To Apply

I'm not picky about where you live, but please let me know what dialect of English you speak and write in. I expect everyone to be able to adjust their written dialect to some extent and switch between spelling conventions, but it's good to know where you
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