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Company Name Confidential
Location Montreal, Canada
Date Posted 10, Wednesday 2013
Category Blogger
Listing Type Per Post Fee


We are looking for a native French speaker located in Montreal to write 4 -- 6 SEO blog articles for our client's corporate blog each month.
Experience: The writer must be a professional, with experience writing high-quality SEO blog posts for businesses. Real estate experience is preferred, but not required.
Pay will start at $15 / article, increasing to $17 after 2 months if things go well.
Please review instructions below, and contact us if interested.
Thank you for your consideration!
Team NB


Write a 400 -- 500 word article covering the "who, what, when, where and why" of the given topic.
Typically these are educational pieces designed to help people make decisions and find answers to questions related to the topic.
Goal #1: to inform users who are seeking to learn about the topic and who have specific questions in mind related to the topic. Tip: include a couple of fact or details to give the piece depth.
Goal #2: written with SEO in mind, so you should research key phrases related to the topic and include them in the article. If the topic given is a key phrase or a list of keywords, then emphasize those and select a focus for your article that covers the subject matter.

Style and Tone
Tone needs to be very sophisticated & formal because it's representing our client directly on their corporate website. Needs to be articulate, but down to earth, no colloquialisms (i.e. check it out), not going for funny/excited, but still friendly. No first person or we, just straight informative from somebody in the know.

The style must come across as insightful, actionable and light-hearted to make it entertaining and actually read-worthy. Tip: avoid fluffy lead-ins and cliched "filler text."
Think about the audience (people seeking to learn about the topic and get their questions answered) and try to "connect" with the audience by using empathetic statements.
Be light-hearted but AVOID humor (as it is too subjective) and do not be "cute" or use creative word plays. Capture the reader's attention by virtue of the content and facts alone. It should NOT be dry like an encyclopedia article.

Structure and Format
Overall, you should have around 3 to 5 paragraphs, if appropriate use a list of bullets.
TIP: Capture the reader's interest in the first sentence, using a pertinent fact or provocative question.
Then, cover the need to know sub-topics based on your research.

REFERENCES: At the very end, include at least 1 or 2 reference URLs that you used for your research.
Detail and Research
Focus on sources including .GOV, .ORG and .EDU sites, as well as research reports or original news articles from reputable sites.
You MUST AVOID the following sources:
content farms like eHow or
article directories like

Include specific tips, suggestions and facts.
When possible, you should include helpful "tips" that the reader can quickly understand and use directly.
Where possible, point out the benefits of concepts and aspects you discuss.
NO FLUFF. Clients are often looking for a new angle or discussion on the given topic. Avoid cliches and information that's obvious.
IMPORTANT: include an interesting facts, historical tidbits, quotations, numerical data and other relevant facts to give your article depth.

How To Apply

See above.
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