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Company Name MedShadow Foundation
Location Anywhere, **
Date Posted 23, Wednesday 2014
Category Blogger
Listing Type Per Post Fee


MedShadow is seeking a blogger to write 750-1,500 word blogs about the side effects of prescription and OTC drugs to inform and empower consumers when making healthcare decisions. The topics can be selected by the blogger with input from our editors. They should be opinionated while maintaining balance. Don't get us sued, do motivate readers. The blogger will research the topics using multiple sources to provide an accurate and well-balanced piece. The ideal blogger will have several published blogs, essays, articles, etc.

About MedShadow:

MedShadow is an independent, nonprofit organization that wants to change the conversation between you and your doctor about the long-and short-term risks of medicines. MedShadow launched over a year ago and is growing quickly with more than 15,000 unduplicated site visits per month. We publish informational articles, first person pieces and blogs on the side effects and the long-term effects of medicines. We recognize that medications save lives and that many medicines are absolutely necessary in life-and-death situations and for chronic illnesses.

We are patient advocates who encourage our readers to look at the trade-offs of taking a medication, do their own risk/benefit analysis, and if appropriate, explore other options. We do not want our readers to blindly accept what is prescribed by their doctor, their family or society. We hope our readers will take the time to be informed so they can be their own best advocates regarding their health.

FYI We do not accept ads or donations from pharmaceutical companies, research companies or medical device companies.

How To Apply

To apply, send an email with the subject 'MedShadow Blog Applicant' to [email protected] containing your portfolio, links to blogs you have written, and a brief paragraph about your interest and/or involvement with medical
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