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Company Name CopyPress
Location Anywhere, **
Date Posted 02, Sunday 2012
Category Blogger
Listing Type Word Based


The online content revolution is here. SEO stuffing and spam content is quickly being replaced by high quality, engaging content that readers actually want.

CopyPress is a full scale content marketing firm that utilizes this new approach to content creation. We produce high level, blog content for clients in a variety of industries.

Our content is unique, share-able and valuable. It is written for readers, not search engines. So we need real writers capable of writing for audiences, not bots.

We are looking for someone who:

Has a strong command of the English language
Can construct clear, well written copy
Can follow directions to accomplish defined editorial objectives
Is reliable and dependable
Can think outside of the box
Can write about a variety of topics
Knows about to research topics to uncover interesting stories

Think you can handle it?

If you are a talented, creative blogger looking for opportunities to create high-quality online content, we want you on our team.

And if you aren't... we still want you.

For writers who aren't sure they have what it takes to be a top tier blogger, our website CopyPress Community will provide the training and tools needed to bring your skills up to par.

CopyPress Community is a free educational portal for content marketers of all levels. Featuring training manuals, webinars, blogs, e-books, and more, CopyPress Community is the place for skilled writers to keep up with an ever changing industry and for new or inexperienced writers to learn and refine their skills.

How To Apply

So if you are ready to get involved with this new excited age of online content, visit us at CopyPress Community.

Blog writers can expect to receive $.05-.06/word.

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