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Job Board >> Citizen.TV is Looking for Citizen Pros (Top Level Categories Only) [PT/Monthly Compensation]

Company Name Citizen.TV
Location Anywhere, **
Date Posted 22, Thursday 2013
Category Blogger
Listing Type Monthly Rate


Citizen TV is a next-generation social video platform looking for community managers to help build an engaged and active audience in their assigned categories.

The community categories available are:
• Music
• Comedy
• Dance
• Film
• Travel
• News
• Animation
• Fashion
• Lifestyle
• Sports
• Documentaries
• Gaming
• Education & How To
• Auto & Vehicles
• Pets & Animals
• People & Blogs

Responsibilities for this role include:
• Generating video content for your assigned category (see above for category options)
• Sourcing and moderating talent for your assigned category (bring new content creators into the mix to contribute to your category)
• Manage multiple sub-categories within your assigned category
• Arrange featured playlists to show off new talent and best of your category (do not use for self-promotion)
• Develop the social community for your category via Facebook, Twitter, etc
• Moderate and stimulate discussion on your category’s community wall

• Must have experience with content management systems for basic administration and social media management experience
• A stable hi-speed internet connection with a minimum 1mbit upload and 5mbit download speed

Please note only the top level category Citizen Pros receive a fixed compensation

How To Apply

How To Apply:
1. Create a profile on using recent profile picture, showing date in the title.
2. Create a 1 – 3 minute application video explaining why you want to be a Citizen Pro with supporting material and upload the video to your Citiz
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