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Company Name TopixTalk
Location California, **
Date Posted 09, Saturday 2013
Category Blogger
Listing Type Hourly Rate



We have a new website called TopixTalk ( and we are looking for people to help us recruit users and add content to our site. Our website is specifically designed for discussing topics with other people who share your common interests. You can contribute to any of our existing topics or you can create your own topic. Here is a list of the topics that have been created so far:

Your job will be twofold:

- Add posts and comments to the topic.
- Invite people you know to join the topic and participate in the forum.

You must:

- Be very enthusiastic about the topic.
- Have a large network of people you know who you can recruit to your topic.


- We have a lot of people that want this job because they figure they can just post to the topic and not worry about the recruiting part. The posting part is a small part of this job; THE MOST IMPORTANT PART IS GETTING USERS TO JOIN THE TOPIC. If you don't have a lot of connections in your chosen topic, this job is not for you.


- One person we hire was an avid bird watcher. They belonged to several bird watching clubs and blogs. They also had a bird watching facebook page. This person created the Bird Watching topic and was not only able to add interesting and relevant posts to the topic but, because of their connections through clubs, blogs, facebook, friends, etc... was able to get lots of users to join.

How you get paid:

- You will be paid hourly PLUS you will be given a bonus for every 10 users you get to join your topic. This is not a full time job, this should be considered a side gig to supplement your income.

Please respond to this ad by telling us what topic you would like to contribute to and how you think you will be able to bring in lots of users.


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