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Company Name Growing Social Media
Location New York, **
Date Posted 26, Wednesday 2014
Category Blogger
Listing Type Per Post Fee


Network of dedicated industry-focused sites are seeking contributors to write articulate content /
posts about the pertaining industry and applicable agency clients. The parameters for the content are described further upon resume submission, however, based on experience, 3-5 students will be selected to participate in weekly meetings in our downtown office to review content calendars, discuss emerging trends, review social media strategies, etc. There is also a possible opportunity for future employment based on graduation date.

Subject Matter include but are not limited to:
Social Media
Tech/Mobile Market
Financial/Industry News
Fitness / Healthy Living

How To Apply

Please, email to [email protected] and submit your resume and an original piece of content, written by yourself about any of the following subjects:

- Social Media
- Mobile/Tech Market
- Financial Industry/News
- Movie Industry/ News
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