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Company Name Chargesmart
Location Anywhere, **
Date Posted 27, Tuesday 2012
Category Blogger
Listing Type Per Post Fee


We’re launching an exciting new product targeted to small-to-medium business (SMB) owners and are looking for bloggers who can regularly contribute exclusive, relevant SMB content a month on the below topics or subject matter expertise. This opportunity is perfect for a blogger looking to build their portfolio and experience by writing for a high profile tech company (product & blog launching at end of April). The successful applicant will also be able to suggest interesting new angles/areas for content creation and has a lot of experience turning out well-written, thoughtful pieces with original thinking. Pay per article.

A: Content Contributors

• Social media marketing
• Mobile, email, event, influencer & sponsorship Marketing
• Going Global
• PR
• Advertising
• Marketing book reviews
• Employee Management
• Customer Service
• Starting/launching a Business
• Legal
• Technology
• Sustainability
• Branding/design
• Franchising
• Finance, taxes, loans
• Investors & stock

B: Subject-Matter Experts:

• Retailing
• Restaurants
• Women in Business
• Homemade/Etsy
• Startups
• Home Business
• CEOS & Entrepreneurs
• Food Trucks
• Independent Contracting
• Nonprofits

How To Apply

Send your application to [email protected] In the subject line of your application email please include 1) what content you’d like to contribute from list A or 2) what subject matter expert you are from list B. Include your resume and/or online
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