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Company Name Ifeelgoods
Location Palo Alto, **
Date Posted 29, Thursday 2014
Category Blogger
Listing Type Monthly Rate


Are you interested in joining a startup that will disrupt online marketing and advertising? We need your talent and passion to build impactful content and become Ifeelgoods voice to the world!

In today’s highly competitive environment for brands, Ifeelgoods believes that rewarding audiences is key to build long-term connections with consumers. Our mission is to provide marketers with the most seamless & advanced technological tools to reward people. As we love to say at Ifeelgoods: "Giving is the best marketing!"

We're looking for a content crafter to become Ifeelgoods content manager and blog writer. The individual mission is to write relevant and impactful content on our blog, social media accounts and other marketing materials with the end goal of growing Ifeelgoods awareness to brands & advertising agencies as well as demonstrate Ifeelgoods expertise, value and vision.

You will be responsible for developing compelling content in the marketing, advertising and loyalty space. This individual will have to find relevant and breakthrough information on the industry, collect data, as well as write and edit. We’re looking for someone who loves to do research and who can write in-depth articles. You also have a proven ability to write in a style that is both understandable, exciting and enthusiast.

Compensation is based on profile.

How To Apply

If you're down to join a highly growing startup whose engagement is to reward the world, send the following documents to [email protected]:
- your resume
- 3 articles you are proud to have written
- anything else that you think could be interestin
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