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Company Name TownSpot, Inc.
Location Remote, **
Date Posted 24, Wednesday 2013
Category Copywriter
Listing Type Hourly Rate


Content Marketing Specialist (Part-Time) -- Exciting Internet Video Startup -- Telecommute Okay

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Company: TownSpot, Inc.
Location: Beverly Hills, CA
Position: Digital Marketing

About TownSpot

TownSpot is a revolution to the internet video industry. TownSpot is an Online Local Video Network, spotlighting quality videos that show local talent originating from your city and community. From the underground rock band down the street to the up-and-coming artist across town, talent thrives and is ready to be discovered. Let TownSpot be your stage and claim your city's spotlight.

Another thing that makes TownSpot different is that every single video is reviewed and determined whether it's of TownSpot quality or not. This means, you'll never find any junk videos on TownSpot - only the best!

Check out for an animation and more information on what TownSpot is all about.

Marketing Team Description

TownSpot's marketing team is responsible for promoting TownSpot across multiple mediums including digital marketing, advertising, social media, press, PR, SEO, events, and physical promotions.

Job Description -- Content Marketing Specialist


As a Content Marketing Specialist you will help to create and manage marketing materials to be used in TownSpot's marketing strategies and promotions. You will aid in the production of press releases, news and featured articles, site copy, and reports on industry news and studies.

Your primary responsibility will be to create marketable content for the blogging section of TownSpot.TV which will cover areas in press, news, online advertising, online video, and features on TownSpot artists.

The content you will create will be primarily text-based but experience with video, audio, and graphic presentations is greatly encouraged.
Furthermore, you will work to promote these materials through different mediums in order to create public awareness for TownSpot.

Our ideal candidate will possess great writing skills and have experience in commercial or creative blogging, content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, WordPress, and PR.

While we would like candidates to be well versed in common marketing techniques, we are also looking for creative thinkers to help contribute to strategies. TownSpot is an innovative company built on new ideas and would benefit from those who share our passion for innovation and success. We want hard workers who know how to run with an idea and return results.


You will report to the Marketing Director for weekly meetings and assignments, while also developing your own projects. This is not your typical marketing position. This work is part-time (open to 5-20 hours per week) based and you are able to work from your home! As long as you are hitting your project deadlines, you can work your own hours, from your own location. You will work remotely to build a network of contacts through your outreach, promote the website, increase traffic, spread brand awareness and help create a presence for TownSpot in both the local Los Angeles community and the online video industry. This is an opportunity to grow your marketing and leadership skills.

Additionally, many responsibilities will often require you to work independently and without direct supervision.

As a Content Marketing Manager you will be representing TownSpot to the public. This will require a certain level of professionalism at all times as well as a friendly attitude, ambitious spirit, and belief in TownSpot itself.

Some responsibilities may include

• Market research
• Email and phone inquiries
• Social media management
• Press release and blog writing
• Outreach to outside organizations
• Website engagement
• Community relationship development
• Plan for company growth


• Experience in online publishing
• Highly professional
• Entrepreneurial leadership
• Excellent social intelligence
• Great writing skills
• Dedicated Team Player: "The name on the front of your jersey is a hell of a lot more important than the one on the back."
• Exceptional personal communication skills.
• Self motivated, results driven
• Technologically literate (tech backgrounds preferred)
• Minimum 1 year marketing experience preferred but not required
• Minimum 1 year press, PR, or communications experience preferred but not required
• Required minimum 5 hours/week up to a maximum of 20 hours/week.

Compensation will be in the form of a weekly fee plus ownership equity in the company. We're also open to internships if in a credited university or graduate school program.

How To Apply

To Apply
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