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Company Name SL Designer
Location Online, **
Date Posted 18, Monday 2013
Category Copywriter
Listing Type Word Based


Write for us
SL Designer is looking for contributors. SL Designer is a magazine for (fashion) designers in Second Life, but will also be interesting for readers designing in other grids.

To write for us you don’t need to have journalistic experience, but writing English, any national variety (e.g. British, American, Indian, Australian, South African, etc.) is a condition. Experience with WordPress can be an asset.

We look for people that can contribute:

Articles – between, 500 and 1500 words, handling a subject of interest, a product review or anything that might be interesting for our target audience.
Tutorials – short pieces of text or videos that are interesting for our readers. You might think of tutorials for Photoshop, GIMP and Blender but also about subjects of in-world content creation.
Resources – these are actually no textual contributions. Here we have full perm items that one wants to share with other designers. This can be a texture, a script, an obj file for mesh, a template or anything else that can be useful and fun. For full perm creators this could be a way of advertisement. Your name and slurl will be used so you can give something away to get in people. Resources are ALWAYS for free.
Payment and hiring

Depending on experience we pay up to L$ 0.5 per word for articles. If you are interested, please contact Paddy Carter ([email protected]) and include your resume, a link to your online portfolio/blog (if you have one) or an example article.

For less experienced writers we offer the opportunity to have a logo and link to their store both in the article as in the side bar. Please let Paddy know what you want there!

How To Apply

See above.
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