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Company Name GoodBlogs
Location Anywhere, **
Date Posted 13, Wednesday 2013
Category Blogger
Listing Type Per Post Fee


Hey Bloggers!

Want to earn money blogging from home? Know much about digital marketing and/or advertising? Or you don't, but you want to?

We are a crowdsourced blogging platform and are looking for multiple freelance bloggers to contribute articles and posts about digital marketing and advertising. Tego Media will host YOUR blog posts across 17 categories ranging from social media, to branding, to mobile marketing!

The premise of our site is this: Anyone can submit an original blog post. If site members vote that post to the Top Posts, that blogger is then paid $20.

Contributors are welcome to spread the word about their posts via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, etc.

This is a freelance position meaning you will choose your own topics to blog about, set your own hours, and work at your own schedule.

How To Apply

Visit the link below + sign up to get notified of when we launch. You'll be of the first to know when we do, and you can join in the Tego Media blog fest.

Get those blog posts ready! And sign up here:
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