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Company Name Iris Signals
Location Telecommute, Greece
Date Posted 12, Wednesday 2013
Category Blogger
Listing Type Monthly Rate


A new and growing company in the field of Online Marketing is seeking ambitious and eager to learn persons to fill the position of a Digital Outreach Specialist.

Summary of the Role:

-Finding and researching relevant blogs/sites for each client
-Creating ideas for articles that will be proposed to bloggers/website editors and which should be relevant to the target sites and the clients
-Communication with targeted blogs/sites and building relationships with editors/owners on behalf of clients with the aim of publishing our articles (guest posting)
-Writing articles (optional)
-Managing and working with writers
-Following up with bloggers to ensure the publication of articles
-Succeeding or exceeding targets for each project within a given deadline

Required qualifications:
-Graduate degree in marketing, journalism, administration, communications, or another related field
-Perfect use of the English language in the written form on a native speaker level
-General experience in Internet Marketing
-Creativity, critical thinking skills and the ability to come up with ideas that could be proposed to bloggers depending on the niche of each client
-Developed analytical and organizational skills
-Communication skills in written language
-Intelligence and willingness to learn and acquire new skills
-Personality that takes responsibilities, get things done and has the ability to find solutions until the completion of each project

Additional qualifications:
-Basic understanding of SEO and Social Media Marketing
-Basic HTML and image editing skills
-Experience with website/blog administration
-Experience in a relevant position in the field of Internet Marketing
-Understanding of the term "Guest Posting"

The company provides:
The monthly salary starts at 700euros with a bonus reaching up to 50% of the main salary. You should be able to issue invoices.

How To Apply

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