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Company Name Street Authority
Location Remote, TX
Date Posted 14, Friday 2013
Category Copywriter
Listing Type Per Post Fee


Wanted: The Best Financial Writers In America

Are you a stock market savant? A natural storyteller? A habitual trendspotter?

Are you driven to discover the hidden gems out there among the legions of investment opportunities? Do you relish the opportunity to share your insights with others -- and helping them make money?

Then you might be the expert we're looking for.

StreetAuthority is one of the nation's fastest-growing financial publishers. To sustain that growth, we need visionary analysts who can consistently generate unique investment insights. This is a paid freelance gig to start, but many of our freelancers have gone on to bigger and better things, and that could be you -- if you want it and deliver compelling ideas to our readers along the way. We need experts who can support those insights with data-driven analysis -- but also tell an engaging and illuminating story in the process.

What you must have:

• Professional experience in securities analysis; specialized experience with various sectors (energy, technology or commodities) or investment vehicles (options, bonds or ETFs) is preferred.

• Intimate knowledge of how to research investment ideas and use fundamental analysis to find investment opportunities and then explain your thesis to readers in plain English.

• A track record of writing for financial publications, and the willingness to work with editors to refine your articles.

To apply, send us a resume -- and tease us with an investment pick. Explain to us, as though we were individual investors, why you think your pick has significant upside or is a notable bargain. Oh, and give it an interesting angle: Is this the kind of stock an "investment guru" like Warren Buffett would own? Have you seen the current set-up for your idea play out before (i.e. is history repeating itself)? Or, you could start with a personal anecdote illustrating the macroeconomic trend that is poised to send your pick soaring.

If you capture our interest, you might be able to do the same for our readers -- all 2 million of them.

How To Apply

These are remote positions reporting to our office in Austin, Texas. Please send inquires with the subject line "Freelance analyst".
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